We live in an incredible time to be gay — dare we say the best in history?

But the problems facing gays and lesbians today are still staggering. Putting aside the issue of legal equality in areas like employment and housing (among others), there’s an even more pressing dilemma — self-loathing.

Internalized homophobia can wreak havoc on an otherwise successful life. Even if someone finds love and acceptance in their community, self-acceptance is still vital.

We can understand fantasizing about being something else entirely — we sometimes wish we were unicorns — but nobody should ever have to wallow in their own identity.

We wanted to hear from gay people who are struggling with how they fit into the world, and here’s what Whisper was able to dig up:

Sometimes I want to be straight just so I don't have to deal with boys

I wish I wasn't gay because I know my family will hate me after I come out to them.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't gay. Everything is so complicated and my heart just can't take it... It would be so easy just to love a woman.

I don't want to be gay anymore.  I'm 35, and I'm over it.  Just how would I explain that to my partner?

Honestly sometimes I wish I wasn't gay. I just can't stand other gay men for some reason -.-

I've been stood up on 5 consecutive first dates. I'm doing something wrong.  I wish I was straight.

I secretly wish I was straight so my parents would love me again.

I wish I wasn't gay most days. I wanna know what it feels like to be normal.

I hate being gay, yet I 100% support the gay rights movement & support any & everything gay.  I just really wish I was straight.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't gay. I'm completely proud but I have been tormented for 7 years. I can't take it anymore.

I sometimes wish I wasn't gay at all. women love me and throw themselves at me. but men are the opposite lol

It's hard being in love with your best guy friend and him knowing about it.. it really changes everything. I wish I wasn't gay, I just want my best friend back.

Sometimes I wish I was straight/bi not because I'm negatively judged for being gay or I'm self-hateful. But because women are so sexy and they look like so much fun.

Guys are assholes. Sometimes I wish I was straight.

I hate who I am because others are not comfortable around me because I'm gay I honestly wish I was straight I hate my self and my life ?

I wish I wasn't gay. I keep falling in love with the wrong people and it never seems to work :(

I don't want to be gay. It just complicates everything...

I'm gay and I really wish I was straight. Not because I think it's a sin or because I don't like the stigma . . . Just so my dating pool is 45% of the people in any given room instead of 5%

I wish I was straight. I want kids with a wife and be normal and happy. Take this curse away.

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