Happy Endings

• They may not have been able to get fingerprints from the blade that killed porn producer Bryan Charles Kocis, but police are hoping his computer’s hard drive and telephone records will lead to his killer. We love a good mystery!

• Rumor has it American Idol‘s looking to replaced Paula Abdul due to her wacky ways. Why, then, would they ask Courtney Love to take her place? Seriously, someone please explain…

• Also, someone explain John Galliano‘s fall 2007collection to us, because we don’t really understand the whole smeared lip stick, stocking thing. In fact, it sort of makes our heads hurt.

• Wait, the Bush Administration lied about global warming? We feel so…well, yes, deceived, but, honestly, we saw that coming.

• Speaking of government mistakes, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Coalition for the Homeless say the government has not done enough to address the “epidemic” of homeless gay youth. (That’s because they don’t care…)

• In other mistake-related news, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have apparently grasped the mistake that is drug addiction and have checked into rehab. Together.

• Lily Allen’s “debut” album comes out today. As if you don’t already have it.

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  • el polacko

    i would have to seriously re-consider any relationship with someone who ‘already has’ a lily allen album.

  • hughman

    the galliano show, to anyone aware of his work, makes perfect sense.

    1. no, it’s not AandF. s0rry. you’ll probably hate it.
    2. his shows are just that, shows. he is not implying you walk down the street like this. galliano’s shows are known for their over-the-top theatricallity – in both the men’s and women’s shows.
    3. in his women’s show this year, galliano evoked a japanese theme including oragami like dresses and geisha make-up. it’s considered one of his best collections in years. in accordance, for his men’s line he reinterprets samauri warriors and japanese soldiers. he might be suggesting that life in a crowded urban environment puts us all in the position of warriors against the world around us. we are becoming more layered both emotionally and with what we wear.
    4. in past seasons, galliano has referenced the work of english performance artist leigh bowery who also wrapped his head and used makeup in an extreme manner. galliano is obviously (and rightly) intrigued by the ambisexuality pervasive in culture today. women have long worn both skirts and pants. men today (as evidenced by everyone from Boy George to Jared Leto) are wearing make-up. the line between what’s “male” and what’s “female” blurs and Galliano is expressing his view of this shift.
    5. you probably can’t afford any of these clothes. even so, try and take one concept away from this show and see how you can apply it to what you wear. or not.

  • spiffy

    Take away the head gears and the makeup, the men’s collection is actually, for the most part, fairly wearable. But, like hughman said, we probably can’t afford it anyway.

  • Alan

    The Galliano collection is Darth Vader meets cat burglar. Are there really people who actually buy this crap?

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