Happy Endings: The Day Jesus Died, Tried For Robbie Williams

• https://youtu.be/0zHhFVbnWQA
• Robbie Williams fancies himself a fucking rocking Christian. We fancy ourselves music critics: your song sucks, Robbie.

• Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher called a special legislative session to stop University of Kentucky and University of Louisville from adopting gay-friendly benefits:

Governor Fletcher wants to change state law to require all state agencies to offer health benefits to employees in ways that “adhere” to the Kentucky Constitution’s definition of marriage. Legislators who, like the governor, have strong support from social conservatives want to ban the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville from offering any assistance to the unmarried partners of university employees. Both institutions moved in the past year to offer such benefits, which faculty leaders say are necessary to recruit top talent, but the benefits have infuriated powerful groups and politicians who identify themselves as pro-family but whose critics see them as anti-gay.

Who needs well-qualified teachers when you can have oppression and discrimination?

Mr. Rogers got it wrong – you aren’t special. In fact, you suck. And don’t you forget it.

Bilerico got a new look, bribe commentators with Margaret Cho prizes.

• Democrat Mike Gravel may be the most honest, refreshing presidential candidate, but can the dark horse’s wild ideas change party policy?

• Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste chats with AfterElton:

I think it’s funny that a lot of our straight fans don’t realize that I’m gay, because they don’t read the gay publications. And the straight publications don’t feel the need to write about it, which is nice. I don’t care if they do, but it’s not really defining of the music.

• Does Michael Jackson needed to locked in the loony bin?

• Wolfe Video just released dykesploitation flicks, That Tender Touch and Just The Two Of Us, on DVD. Sappho-journo Jenni Olson gives you the run down with “The Whiz Bang Illustrated History of Dykesploitation”. More lesbians than you can shake a vagina at, or something.

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  • Ash

    The Mr. Rogers article is wonderful. My generation is mostly comprised of bratty narcissists who think they deserve the world on a platter. Thank you, queerty, for exposing me to a great article that’s relevant to me even though it’s not gay.

  • schnaussmaus

    Ugh! Maybe Stephen Baldwin, Paris Hilton and Robbie can get together for a song? Looks like Robbie’s clean and giving a shout out to the big “J”. He’s even doing the obligatory public acknowledgment. Shouldn’t be too long before the relapse. It’s like an endless loop: Crash – Recover – Repent – Relapse – Repeat

  • Martini-boy

    As a (former art) university student who is heading into (a more traditional) grad school, I can most honestly say that I have seen far too much self-entitlement in my life.

    What’s worse: I know of a student in my program who got her mark bumped up 21 percent. How fucking uncool is that? SHEESH! Out of all people, that chick was the last one to deserve it. Really.

  • karenpf

    A comment for schnaussmaus you suck Rob Williams has always been spiritual but because he’s famous you think he has another motive behind his christianity he’s nothing like Paris. There is no comparison. Maybe your peeved because he knocked you back. You should join the paparazzi band wagon. You suck.

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