Happy Endings: The Day We Asked You Out

• Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’re having a little shindig this Thursday, June 14th at New York City’s Star Lounge (under the Chelsea Hotel). Not only will there be free booze, the entire Queerty/Jossip crew (yes, even Cord Jefferson), and Nicholas Weist-provided hits, but Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel‘s totally the guest of honor. Be there are be the biggest square in history. Ya heard?

Armistead Maupin‘s beloved Michael Tolliver lives.

Israel made Richard Rothstein cry. Also, forgot the meaning of never – as in, “Never Again!”

Cynthia Nixon on the Sex and The City movie:

Look, I don’t know about any starting date. Not that I’m just saying this or I’m the only one without a starting date. The fact is, nobody even knows if it’s a 100 percent done deal. We’re all talking about it. Everyone thinks it’s set, but the fact is nothing’s signed. There’s still problems that need ironing out. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

Can she finger her monster girlfriend with her fingers crossed?

• Did Ann Sanderson, a depressed lesbian, manipulate cops into killing her?

Choire Sicha puts his gay to good use: highlighting the horror of Fire Island’s consumerist queers!

Johnny Depp should be a politician – somehow he managed to keep a straight face as Japanese children with mustaches bash their faces against a piano for his entertainment and then offer the most well-balanced reaction possible.

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  • emmabovary

    Had the Gawker article appeared at foxnews.com or at another such site, we would loudly (and rightly) denounce the homophobia. What’s up with the increasingly boorish and stereotyping coverage of Gawker? (do a search there for ‘The Gays’ to see what I mean)

  • Charley

    MIKE GAVEL is our next President. Anyone who can stick up for second class citizens will get alot of votes, cuz, we all feel worthless………..

  • Charley

    and we can identify with oppressed people in our so called democracy. Nothing wrong with gays…Just people like everyone else. Religion got it wrong…..Democracy got it right. We are all equal under the law…..Our constitutional law.

  • Addyboo

    You buried the lead on the Gravel invite. “Cocktails Provided” should have been much more pronounced.

  • nycstudman

    Gawker is an equal-opportunity insulter. They think The Gays are funny, not immoral. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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