Harrison Ford Defends “Enders Game” Despite Disagreeing With Orson Scott Card’s Antigay Stance

Harrison Ford

It’s well known Orson Scott Card and I have different views on the issue of gay marriage and gay rights. It has been a real dilemma for me: I love the book Ender’s Game, it’s all about tolerance and compassion, and understanding the other… Should I not have made the film because of his views? I wrestled with that, and you know what? I thought: if I don’t put these ideas out on screen we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We are having this conversation precisely because the themes of the book are at odds with his current ideas. I’m very proud of the film, and I felt strongly that I didn’t want to lose my love of this book because its creator seems to be in a different zone to me on this issue.”


Harrison Ford explaining why he agreed to star in the controversial film adaptation of Enders Game in an interview with The Guardian

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