Hatemonger Owes Rachel Maddow $25K After Frivolous Lawsuit Tossed

Has-been headbanger Bradlee Dean, leader of the You Can Run But You Can’t Hide ministry, owes Rachel Maddow nearly $25,000 in court fees after a lawsuit he filed against the MSNBC host was dismissed.

Dean—who has long been buddy-buddy with Michele and Marcus Bachmann—sued Maddow in 2011, after Maddow quoted a speech in which he expressed support for countries that execute gay people. A judge rightly dismissed the case and ruled Dean also had to pay Maddow’s legal fees to the tune of $24,625.23.

Yesterday, Dean’s request for a stay on the punishment was denied and he’s been ordered to pay Maddow before November 13 or face being held in contempt of court.

Maybe he could hold a bake sale or something.

Source: ThinkProgress