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HEADLINES: Rossdale’s Affair, Westboro Suicide, Footloose, Uganda’s Hate


ROSSDALE RUMORS The Bush frontman’s gay rumors aren’t ending anytime soon. British singer Marilyn confirms he dated Gavin Rossdale after Boy George already acknowledged as much in his book. [Kenneth in the 212]

WAVE GOODBYE, WESTBORO? Is the “God Hates Fags” church planning a mass suicidal exit? [Gossip Boy]

FOOT-LOST? First it was Zac Efron bailing. Now Chace Crawford’s scheduling commitments might keep him out of Footloose. Or maybe it’s a rumor to up his asking price. [ANI]

INDIA Activists are working to decriminalize homosexuality in India, the world’s largest “democracy.” Organizers are demanding major political parties recognize the plight and discrimination against sexual minorities — and do something about it. [India Express]


UGANDA Anti-gay activists, fueled by a newspaper’s printing of suspected gays, have taken to the streets, “starting from Makerere University, through the main part of the city to parliament.” [Rod 2.0]

IDOL FEUD Is Adam Lambert fighting with cutie Kris Allen? We hope so … naked! [Boy Culture]