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HEADLINES: Rossdale’s Affair, Westboro Suicide, Footloose, Uganda’s Hate


ROSSDALE RUMORS The Bush frontman’s gay rumors aren’t ending anytime soon. British singer Marilyn confirms he dated Gavin Rossdale after Boy George already acknowledged as much in his book. [Kenneth in the 212]

WAVE GOODBYE, WESTBORO? Is the “God Hates Fags” church planning a mass suicidal exit? [Gossip Boy]

FOOT-LOST? First it was Zac Efron bailing. Now Chace Crawford’s scheduling commitments might keep him out of Footloose. Or maybe it’s a rumor to up his asking price. [ANI]

INDIA Activists are working to decriminalize homosexuality in India, the world’s largest “democracy.” Organizers are demanding major political parties recognize the plight and discrimination against sexual minorities — and do something about it. [India Express]


UGANDA Anti-gay activists, fueled by a newspaper’s printing of suspected gays, have taken to the streets, “starting from Makerere University, through the main part of the city to parliament.” [Rod 2.0]

IDOL FEUD Is Adam Lambert fighting with cutie Kris Allen? We hope so … naked! [Boy Culture]

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  • Bill S

    The rumour about the Westboro Baptist Cult, er Church, committing mass suicide is false.
    Proving once again that, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  • Riandra

    Why are so many african countries obsessed with homosexuality, I have to wonder. There is no compassion or sense of right and wrong.

  • Brian

    Brian get your facts straight. No one claimed the WBC committed mass suicide. Learn to read the entire story. The concern is over a blog post the WBC that has many worried they’re considering it. Some experts are saying it is likely a suicide note.

  • Brian

    Er meant Bill..

  • AJ

    One can only hope those freaks get on with it!

  • louann

    AI straight men look uncomfortable with Adam and they are definitely psyched out by the front runner status. Anoop always looked so angry. Danny and Kris are barely looking excited. Only Adam looks comfortable.

  • CMYK

    The Westboro thing sounded more like a “Jesus is going to beam us up to heaven without y’all” note than a suicide note. But a girl can dream.

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    Look at all the hatemongering, bigoted, homosexist, heterophobic, mean spiritied intolerant, wrong headed, Christian bashing homosexual bigots wishing death upon Christians! Why am I not surprised at such hate filled bigotry by homosexuals!?

  • geoff

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Are you fucking kidding me? There is not one thing Christian about those people. Besides, not only do they wish death on gay people on about an hourly basis, but members of the military and America in general. Maybe you’d see things differently if you took your pointy white hood off every once in a while.

  • nikko

    HETERODEFENSELEAGUE, you are the cause of all this, you evil heteroshitual.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Why do you refer to Indian “democracy”?

    Do you not think Indians have the brains to run their own country?

    Of course they don’t have a perfect system like the U.S. with your screwy voting machines, 50 different ways of tallying and your byzantine electoral college.

    And I suppose it’s just an accident that they ended slavery there 20 years before your country did.

    But then perhaps your world would fall apart at the thought of any country managing to do anything as good or better than you without U.S. “assistance” (ironic quotes intended).

  • strumpetwindsock

    Just about forgot about targetting african americans and removing them from voters’ lists.

    You keep showing those backwards people how a “real democracy” works.

  • jason

    It’s truly sad to see black Africans in Africa being so homophobic. I also see this homophobia in black Americans, unfortunately. There is definitely a culture of homophobia in black Americans.

    If you don’t believe me, just look at any gay pride march. The number of blacks is miniscule. They’re as rare as hen’s teeth.

  • Dabq

    @jason: LOL, this is a joke post right? I doubt if you care about the vilification of gay “black Africans” as you call them. Homophobia runs the gamut of all races, its just that blacks seem to be more vocal than some, although I guess you missed the posts about Westboro, the GOP and the many other white homophobes.

    As for gay pride, did it cross your mind that maybe one of the reasons why blacks and other gays of color don’t do the circuit parties, sorry pride events is they don’t go where they are not welcomed, like the typical gay bar, more than a few message boards, so why would they waste thier time being treated shabby or as third rate humans? That’s why this had to be a joke post since anyone in the only to ask a black gay or gay of color how and why they don’t do the pride, bar tours! The truth will contiune to set thee free!

  • afrolito



    This Jason person is a poorly disguised moron.

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    It is really sad to see homosexual bigots being so narrow minded intolerant, hate filled and terroristic against Chrisitians.

    They just want the right to be left alone, and to not have their civil rights and freedoms taken away by hate mongering, ignorant bigoted Christian bashing heterophobes.

    It is hate mongering bigoted homosexual extremist spokes people like Perez Hilton that end up inciting homosexuals to kill heterosexual Christians, even Pereze Hilton the homosexual publicly threatened physical violence against the Christian young woman Prejean.

    You homosexual fascists are so ignorant, bigoted and hate filled.

  • afrolito


    Bitch puleeze…at least be funny with your nonsense.

  • Luigi

    @jason: I sadly have to say I agree with you. And to those of you who don’t believe, please recall the EXTREMELY HIGH percentage of black Americans who voted FOR prop 8! It’s sad to see a group of people who should know more than anyone else the struggles brought on by discrimination treating other this way.

  • Alex

    @geoff & nikko:

    Please to not be feeding the trolls. I thought I put a sign up somewhere. If you feed them, they’ll just keep coming back. @afrolito had the proper response.

  • GranDiva

    …or maybe it’s just a sign that nobody should be producing a remake of Footloose

    Just sayin’.

  • geoff

    @Alex: You’re right, but at the same time, who in their right mind defends Phelps and his minions? For God’s sake, Even Sean Hannity told them off on tv. My guess is HDL is some pathetic closet case who is just bitter because he’s the type who no self respecting gay man would touch his dick with a 10 foot pole. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I’m done feeding the troll now. :)

  • Dabq

    @Luigi: Friday, Jan. 9, 2009 17:00 EST
    “Don’t blame Proposition 8 on African-Americans

    In the wake of California’s passage of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state, many speculated that it was homophobia among African-Americans that led to the measure’s success, since exit polls suggested that as many as 70 percent of black voters supported the ban. Now, a new study by Patrick J. Egan of New York University and Kenneth Sherrill of Hunter College (h/t Hilzoy) purports to debunk that notion.

    In their statistical analysis, Egan and Sherrill found that the exit polls dramatically overstated African-American support for Proposition 8. According to the two professors, 58 percent of African-Americans voted for the measure. By comparison, 59 percent of Latinos and Hispanics supported it, along with 49 percent of whites and 48 percent of Asians.”

    The CNN/Dan Savage lies are just worng, too bad those who need a scapegoat just refuse to see it and really don’t get the fact that blacks are not the largest group of voters in California and didn’t tip the scales on this issue.

  • Daily Reader

    The only thing I have a problem with is the Rossdale thing. Isn’t the guy married and producing kids with Stefani? Come on, I think the media is so ridiculous sometimes. I don’t care if he fucked dudes before. He’s married now, isn’t he? It just seems a bit ridiculous. Then again, I’m the one who read about it…

    Westboro is so fucked up. I wish I could elaborate on it. I won’t though. I hope they don’t kill themselves. Just find some sort of peace with it all. I can’t imagine how much pain they’ve caused. The protested a soldier’s funeral — a lot of them, I think actually. But I only witnessed one, and it was horrid. I don’t hate on them though. It doesn’t make sense to just do that eye for an eye logic.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Daily Reader:
    They were going to come to Canada and protest the killing and decapitation of some poor fellow by a schizophrenic man. It was God’s punishment on Canada, they said, for same sex marriage.

    A bunch of people up here were outraged and pledged to show up at the funeral to prevent them from getting near, so they chickened out and actually complained to the media about the Canadian government not guaranteeing their safety and right to protest.

  • Brian Miller


    OMG, HeteroDefenseLeague, you are SO right.

    Heterosexuality is under assault in America, and the 90% of people who are heterosexual encounter HUGE barriers to success imposed by the Queer Agenda!

    Heterosexuals who are honest about their sexual orientation have no opportunities in this country… none whatsoever. They’re all reserved for homosexual people alone!

  • Chitown Kev


    Huh? And most of the homophobes that I see and hear and read about (uh, Carrie Prejean, the epitome of white womanhood) are white. Fuck off, racist.

  • Chitown Kev


    I wasn’t aware of this high percentage of black Americans that voted for Prop 8. I am aware oa a poll that suggested that there was a high percentage of black Californians that voted for Prop 8. I am also aware that Prop 8 failed in a county that is 14% African American (Alameda).

    In fact the biggest margins of victory for Prop 8 were in Northern California on the Coast.

    So quit your race baiting, look up the actual election returns and shut the fuck up, racist.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Brian Miller:

    That reminds me of a funny, true story actually.
    Back when I was a reporter I covered a local meeting of our national Reform party (our furthest right, very redneck, capitalist party, which merged with a centrist party and is now running our government).

    This was in the mid 90s, and the federal goverment was debating two issues relating to GLBT issues – same sex benefits for public sector employees, and inclusion of anti-GLBT crimes under hate crimes legislation. Both have since passed.

    The people running the meeting didn’t even understand the legislation, even though one was a federal justice critic (not the same, but like one of your opposition senators).
    They kept talking about “recognizing gay rights”, and one asked if our justice minister was gay “Why else would he support this law”?.

    Then came the zinger; I remember it verbatim. The unsuccessful candidate who had run in that riding got up and said “We can’t recognize gay rights. Studies have shown that they are better educated and better trained than normal people and will get all the jobs.”

    Nobody at the meeting disagreed.

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