Here’s How To Be Gay, Hook Up And Find Love In College

safe_imageAh, college. Four transformational years of binge drinking, bad sex, broken hearts and self discovery. Though summer has only just begun, in a few short months teenagers from across the country will be packing up their suitcases and heading off to university.

We think of college sort of like we think of our 20s in general: It was fun, but we have no desire of ever going back.

Video blogger David Levitz has some great advice for gay teens who will be starting college in the fall — from how to meet people, to keeping an open mind, to dating, sex, and more. And some of his advice doesn’t just apply to college kids. For example:

“Now, we all know there are dating apps out there and those can be helpful in terms of meeting people, but you’ve gotta have your expectations set realistically for what they really offer.”

Touché, David.

“LGBT communities in colleges are rather small. Everyone knows everyone. And if you aren’t careful, everyone will know everything.”

Ain’t that the truth!

Check out David’s video below.