Heritage Foundation Changes Its Mind: GOProud Is Now Why It Dropped Out Of CPAC

While groups like the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, and Liberty University have directly pointed to GOProud as the reason they aren’t attending next month’s CPAC, it has been for months the position of the D.C.-based think tank The Heritage Foundation that it was a financial decision. Except now, when queried by the New York Times for a piece on the divide over Jimmy LaSalvia’s group of self-hating gays, Heritage spokesman James Weidman insists, “GOProud was one element in the decision.” Give it up for revisionist history, ladies and gentlemen, from the same group that would go to the guillotine defending the impeccable record of Ronald Reagan. (Also worth repeating: FRC didn’t take part last year, either, so la-ti-da.) [via]

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  • huh

    why do you call them self hating when they seem like brave heroic trailblazers. think outside of the triangle

  • Soupy

    Kudos! You’ve earned a laugh, which is a great start to your career in comedy.

  • randy

    In other words, Heritage dropped out because of financial problems. Now, after the fact, they can claim all sorts of other reasons, just to bolster their creds with NOM and FOF, and all the other hate groups.

    Soon, they will claim that they dropped out “in part” because the GOP isn’t tackling the economy like it promised.

  • GayEP

    You know, I’m an avowed progressive who’s never voted for any Republican… But calling gay GOPers “self-hating” is nothing but pile-on bullying. Gay republicans all want the same equal rights for queers that Dems do.. They just favor fiscal conservatism– which has nothing to do with who you’re fucking… I read this blog daily– and still will– but don’t stoop to name-calling because someone has a different political vision than you do…

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