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Exactly Who is this Heroic Straight-But-Not-Narrow Republican, Madeline Koch?

You may remember earlier this week when straight Republican Madeline Koch spoke before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee, urging them to vote against a Constitutional double-ban on marriage.

Yes! A good Republican! For reals! So, exactly who is this delightful lady? Let’s internet-stalk her and find out.

Well, her Twitter account reveals “Work in Government Affairs, Political Junkie, World Traveler, Wannabe Chef and Eternal Optimist.” That optimism will come in handy, considering that the Committee ultimately voted 8-4 in favor of banning marriage. (All Republicans were in favor; all Democrats were opposed.) It also reveals that she’s one of those real Republicans who’s all about “less intrusion” instead of “up yours, poor people!” She likes outdoor concerts and bloody marys and yoga.

She also led a day of community service at a local school, with volunteers painting messages of inspiration. Awww.

Also, she doesn’t like Altoids. Please make a note of it.

For a time, she worked for Tunheim Partners, a communications firm that’s worked on tobacco reduction, health care for the elderly, and oh dear, Target.

These days, she’s a Senior Government Affairs Specialist for Comcast, but only 3 years ago she was but an intern in the office of Norm Coleman. That would be the Norm Coleman who narrowly lost an election to Al Franken in 2009. The same Norm Coleman who voted in favor of a federal marriage ban. The one who refused to recognize Minneapolis Pride.

Well! Madeline, next time you have a chance to testify, do you think you could call your former boss and ask him to join you?