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Exactly Who is this Heroic Straight-But-Not-Narrow Republican, Madeline Koch?

You may remember earlier this week when straight Republican Madeline Koch spoke before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee, urging them to vote against a Constitutional double-ban on marriage.

Yes! A good Republican! For reals! So, exactly who is this delightful lady? Let’s internet-stalk her and find out.

Well, her Twitter account reveals “Work in Government Affairs, Political Junkie, World Traveler, Wannabe Chef and Eternal Optimist.” That optimism will come in handy, considering that the Committee ultimately voted 8-4 in favor of banning marriage. (All Republicans were in favor; all Democrats were opposed.) It also reveals that she’s one of those real Republicans who’s all about “less intrusion” instead of “up yours, poor people!” She likes outdoor concerts and bloody marys and yoga.

She also led a day of community service at a local school, with volunteers painting messages of inspiration. Awww.

Also, she doesn’t like Altoids. Please make a note of it.

For a time, she worked for Tunheim Partners, a communications firm that’s worked on tobacco reduction, health care for the elderly, and oh dear, Target.

These days, she’s a Senior Government Affairs Specialist for Comcast, but only 3 years ago she was but an intern in the office of Norm Coleman. That would be the Norm Coleman who narrowly lost an election to Al Franken in 2009. The same Norm Coleman who voted in favor of a federal marriage ban. The one who refused to recognize Minneapolis Pride.

Well! Madeline, next time you have a chance to testify, do you think you could call your former boss and ask him to join you?

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  • greybat

    Of course, the first question that sprang to my mind was; is she related to THOSE Kochs?

  • Mike

    I don’t get the tone of this post. I’m supposed to like her because of her speech, but I’m supposed to hate her because she interned for Norm Coleman and one of the clients at her old firm was Target? I mean, I honestly don’t get the tone. Are you trying to suggest that we like her or not? Because at the end of it, the suggestion is that we should *not*, but I do.

  • Pinkish Hugh

    @Mike: Seriously — could this article be any more self-contradicting? It seems fashionable that the word “Republican” evokes only hysterical responses from the gay community . . . until they look a little closer.

  • Tim

    Isn’t this digging a bit to far into ones life? Seems a bit stockish don’t you think? You should have just posted the testimony since that’s her true colors. Kudos for her courage to testify!

  • delurker

    @Pinkish Hugh: after your racist comments in the chris crocker thread, it makes perfect sense you are a reublican…

  • Pinkish Hugh

    @delurker: Yes, I am right-of-center, but no, not a racist. Perhaps just a little more astute and honest than what you’re used to.

  • matt baume

    @Mike & @Pinkish Hugh: Yes, it is indeed a complex and nuanced situation with no clear-cut solution.

  • delurker

    @Pinkish Hugh: It’s not wonder you called all blacks, muslims and hispanics homophobic, but ommitted WHITE conservatives from that list. White cons are the most numermously and dangerously homophobic out of anyone. They actually have the power to pass laws that are detrimental to gays.

    Teabagging simpleton.

  • Jon

    As a gay Republican this is exactly what I try and tell gay people why I am a Republican. There is a new generation of Republicans that don’t let Religion guide them. But just like many gays they have to have some sort of bashing. So she worked for some douche bag… haven’t we all?? Times are changing and She is who we need to make this Party better!!

  • PersonOfInterest

    @delurker: Wow! How superior of you to resort to using homophobic slurs against people with whom you disagree politically. If Hugh and I are “teabaggers” because we don’t tow the gay line, then I assume it’s OK for me to call liberals like you “cocksuckers,” right? Same thing, right? I mean, you do suck cock, right? Or did that just make you bristle with indignation? Of course it did. Sadly, you’re a very typical example of a leftie who loves to dish out the hate, but can only cry “Racist!” and “Homophobe!” when it’s time for rational debate.

    Hypocritical simpleton.

  • delurker

    @PersonOfInterest: you f*cking moron. go read his racist comments in the “chris crocker” and get back to me. i called him a racist because he one, you bint.

    and a teabagger=tea party moron. i hope this helps. :)

  • delurker


    “Pinkish Hugh

    I don’t think masculine gay men hate the effeminate — we’re just embarrassed by them, and therefore don’t want to be associated with them. Hate is a strong word, and it shouldn’t be applied in this instance. Save it for blacks, hispanics, muslims, and other groups who really DO hate us.”

    Really, all blacks, hispanics and muslims hate gays despite the fact that there are gay hispanics, black and muslims??? and despite the fact there are non-gay blacks, hispanics and muslims who support gay causes (Hello Congressional Black Caucus) and do you notice how he left out the most homophobic group out there–white conservatives?

    Defend this statement from you fellow conservative, person of interest. BTW, your boy ran away like a little bitch after he made this statement. He couldn’t take the heat haha.

    I accept your apology in advance. :)

  • RodeoShowJoe

    @delurker: On behalf of Pinkish Hugh and Person of Interest and all level-headed thinking men, I would like to publicly declare you mentally ill.

    That is all.

  • Pinkish Hugh

    @delurker: Mr. Delurker (whatever that may mean), if you honestly think blacks and muslims are so super-gay-friendly, I invite you to attend one of their places of worship today and publicly announce your homosexuality. I suspect that’s the only way you’ll find the truth about their feelings toward you — that’s if you survive. Believe what you will, but political correctness won’t get you anywhere with these groups when it comes to how they feel about people like you and me. And call me racist all you want, but it carries no weight when coming from someone like you. My world-view is realistic, not rose-colored.

  • delurker

    @Pinkish Hugh: you’re a cunt. you decry supposed black and muslim homophobia, but you completely excuse and ignore white conservative homophobia because you are one. pure tribalism on display here. the cognitive dissonance is both laughable and sad.

  • delurker

    @Pinkish Hugh: yeah, go to a southnern baptist church full of conservative white crackers and announce your homosexuality there and see what they say. goddamn you are stupid.

  • delurker

    @RodeoShowJoe: wow another racism defender. racism in the gay community is astounding.

  • AxelDC

    @Jon: Gay Republicans are turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

    The bigger question is why she is a Republican in the first place?

  • vinnyc

    Really!! The GAY WEB-O-SPHERE is now being plague by this “gay republicans” They remind me of the Gay skin heads, who are often ridiculed as posers and yet they do exist. Is it too much to ask these teabaggers to keep your shit in your crap-hole and don’t come here fogging the Secular, Equal respectful and all inclusive blogs.
    In case you missed the memo, this is part of the “Rainbow coalition”, for which your membership does not exist.
    So please enjoy your tax breaks and get off my lawn! -you self loathing, discriminating buggers.

  • yeahwRight

    best line, i’m soooo gonna use this:

    Gay Republicans are turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

    @Pinkish thugh (bet you like that, huh? suits your nazi nature):
    it’s so typical of a RepuKKKe like you not being able to deal with a real balanced message. Ms Koch is correct that she denies the homophobic Nazism in her party, but the poster is also correct that that doesn’t mesh with working for Norm Coleman

    You can like a persons views on one issue, AND point their inconsistency at the same time. What the fuck are you on about?

    Maybe she evolved as a person. Unlike you will ever be able to do. go clean up you white conservative mess. If blacks are even homophobic as you suggest (big if) at least they’re not responsible for wrecking the country. Oh wait, you’re one of those thinking that poor blacks wrecked the country by living above their means?

    On behalf of the rest of the board, all level-headed thinking men, I would like to publicly declare you mentally ill.

  • Sam Wheat

    It’s really funny watching you Righties and Lefties go at each other’s throats, especially when all of you seem blinded by your politics. But I must say, at least the Righties don’t resort to childish name-calling to make their point, so some of you need to grow up a little bit if you expect to be taken seriously.

  • delurker

    @Sam Wheat: oh snap. here comes the third way moderate pretending to be above it all. ::pats you on the head::

  • matt baume

    Gosh I really should have stepped in here earlier. @delurker & @PersonOfInterest, keep the conversation going but quit the personal attacks.

  • the crustybastard

    I don’t have a problem with any Republican politician who can recognize that gay equality is easily reconciled with conservative values.

    I only have an enormous problem with those that can’t.

    Likewise, I don’t have a problem with Democratic politicians promoting gay equality as being well aligned with liberal values, but I do have an enormous problem with those that can only be bothered to do so once they’re conveniently out of office.

  • PersonOfInterest

    @the crustybastard: You stated: “Likewise, I don’t have a problem with Democratic politicians promoting gay equality as being well aligned with liberal values, but I do have an enormous problem with those that can only be bothered to do so once they’re conveniently out of office.”

    Out of office, or need our campaign dollars. That always seems to “enlighten” politicians.

  • delurker

    @matt baume: ok, i’ll behave.

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