His Hetero Friend Won’t Stop Tickling Him… Is He Secretly Gay?

A young gay man isn’t sure what to make of his straight friend’s obsession with tickling him. So he’s turned to Reddit for advice.

“I’m a gay guy in college and about two months ago, I was hanging out with a straight couple who I’m friends with,” the young man begins. “The guy was tickling his girlfriend. She was laughing. And I said something like ‘Oh, I wish he’d tickle me like that!'”

The young man was only joking, but his friend, who he describes as “really handsome,” took him seriously.

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“He started and tickling me and, of course, I’m super ticklish all over my body,” he continues. “I laughed like crazy and he wouldn’t stop tickling me for like 10 minutes.”

The young man says he “loved” it, and apparently his friend did, too, because as he was poking and prodding him he said, “Hey, you’re even more ticklish than my girlfriend! Cool!”

The young man says he “didn’t think too much about it afterwards,” until the next time they saw each other and the guy immediately started tickling him again.

“Now whenever he sees me (and this is like 9 or 10 times already), he’ll launch into a tickle-attack that will have me on the floor laughing hysterically,” he says. “He’s bigger than I am and I’m really ticklish so it’s not very hard.”

The young man says he really doesn’t mind it, in fact it kind of turns him on, but he’s beginning to wonder: “It seems weird that a straight dude would enjoy doing that to me (at least as much as he does). And he does it in front of people.”

“I wonder if he has another motive,” he says. “Is he bi? Or does he just get off on the power? Thoughts?”

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“As a straight guy I can certainly see doing such a thing if it was a friend,” one person responds. “But repeat performances? That’s conspicuous. He likes it. Possibly for the power but maybe he just finds you adorable?”

“It’s not necessarily weird,” another person adds. “It’s a very friendly thing to do and he probably just finds it entertaining. Your other suggestions are possible but there’s no way to tell, so I’d assume he’s just being funny.”

“I don’t think ticking someone means they are sexually interested in them,” a third person chimes in.

Other folks are a little more suspicious of the situation.

“I have no desire to tickle either gender,” one person writes. “But I think it’d be super weird for a straight man to tickle a gay man.”

“It would require a fetish that overrides sexuality in order to make a heterosexual man orgasm from tickling another man,” another person says. “Alternatively, dude is not as straight as he thinks he is, but it’d still require a powerful fetish to cause ejaculation from a non-sexual stimulus.”

“Enjoy it man!” a third person suggest. “Hell, if I were you I’d tickle back.”

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