Rugby Players Get “Reacquainted” With Good Old-Fashioned Crotch Tickle Caught On Camera

Good morning! Here’s a nice way to kick off your day…

Newcastle Knights player Korbin Sims got rather handy with Sea Eagles front rower Willie Mason at a rugby match over the weekend.

During the second half of their NRL match up at Brookvale Oval on Sunday, 23-year-old Sims took it upon himself to grab a handful of 35-year-old Mason’s crotch on the field.

Sims was caught on camera discreetly reaching out and tugging at Mason’s member as he prepared to play the ball. Naturally, the squeeze went viral over social media.

Mason has been downplaying the incident ever since, calling it “hilarious,” and saying the old teammates were just getting “reacquainted.”

“It’s just two good teammates from the last three years having a good old re-acquaintance,” he said, adding that he “didn’t even flinch” when it happened.

Check out video of the friendly reacquaintance below.