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High School Football Player Comes Out On Social Media, Says “Sorry Girls, I’m Gay”

sean warren2I just wanted to come out in a unique way. I was at my friend’s house and thought, what if I just Photoshopped a picture of a rainbow behind me? Then I looked at more pictures online and saw the picture I used, which was more retro, it was more of a cartoon. What if I cropped out his face and used my face instead? People describe me as a person who doesn’t really conform. I wanted to do something different than people just announcing that they’re gay. I wanted to come out in my own way, since that’s how I feel coming out should be. I wanted to do it in a fun sort of way and so it wasn’t awkward.”

–Sean Warren, who plays football for Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona, discusses the unique way he shared his sexual orientation in an interview with Outsports