Hip-Hop Stars To Be Outed…

The hip-hop scene’s about to be rocked!

Well, that’s if you believe Terrence Dean’s book publicist. The former MTV executive will soon release Hiding In Hip-Hop, which will allegedly expose the genre’s biggest homos. From the release:

“Hiding In Hip-Hop” uncovers a hidden and well-known unspoken secret. Deep within the confines of Hip-Hop is a prominent gay sub-culture. A world that industry insiders are keenly aware of, but choose to ignore.

According to Dean, “This book is filled with intrigue, sexy celebrity bed partners, abundance of drugs, and of course, the down low/gay men and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

This tale’s a long time coming. Honky homos have been forced out in recent years, like Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris and TR Knight. It’s only fair that black folk take some heat, too.

We have no idea who Dean will name, but we’ve got some theories…

We’re not psychic, but we do have some theories…

Obviously Kanye West and Diddy will get a mention. Anyone who thinks West likes the women need just listen to his lyrics. Sure, they’re laden with vaginal-love, but we all know the saying, “The lady doth protest too much.” As for Diddy. Two words: Fonzworth Bentley.

We suspect Dean will inspect Jay-Z’s closet, and Ne-Yo, who has repeatedly denied, yet embraced rumors, may make an appearance. Our black pal Lauren Williams, who edits sister site Stereohyped, suggested that Russell Simmons can expect some queer questioning. That makes sense: only a homo could stand marring Kimora Lee, who’s one of the most mannish, obnoxious women in history. And that’s why we love her.

Bow Wow and Omarion should also expect the lavender limelight. They have, after all, been rumored lovers in the past. And, in a surprise suggestion, Williams pegged Busta Rhyme. Why? Because he’s so homophobic. You know how those anti-gays love their butt sex.

Oh, and we’d be disappointed if Queen Latifah doesn’t get a little scandalous love…

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  • Tom

    There are only two conditions I believe someone should be involuntarily outed: (1) they are in a position to hurt us either economically, politically, physically, etc., and do so motivated by anti-gay bias; or (2) they espouse gay hatred/discrimination in a public forum, e.g., in their music.

    Clearly public figures who work against gay equality have given up a portion of their private lives because they are seeking to deny us rights for who we are when in fact they are closeted and engaging in the same conduct.

    However, outing people for sport because it will make you famous or for other vindictive motives should be discouraged. If Dean’s book is a kiss and tell hit piece written solely to make money, I hope the next thing we hear about him is his filing for bankruptcy. I especially hope that we in the gay community do not contribute to this bit of sleazy journalism.

  • Rick

    i should have seen something like this coming. for about the last year there has been a marked increase in the release of african american and latino men who doing poverty row porn in new york where they are definately gay and not trade.

    they have the tats, the chains, caps, dew rags and look like they just stepped out of a rap video.

    they don’t just have passive sex with a partner they do not even look at, they become fully envolved and recipricol partners in the activities. i mean they REALLY go at it.

    only thing missing is the kissing and that will probably start up next batch of films.

    you should see these guys flip flop!

    my eyes liked to have popped out of my head at the passion of these men.

    i think the underground world of gay latin and black men is about ready explode because these men do not wish to be sterotyped into drag queens by their culture anymore and derided for being gay.

    now if we could just get their white born again christian counterparts to do the same. it would clear out a LOT of airport bathroom stalls

  • Rick


  • Chris

    Let’s hope their fans won’t discover this blog entry. (Like it happened with the linked entry about Bow Wow …)

  • kevin57

    I don’t like involuntary outings, either, but the hip-hop culture has made a fortune exploiting hatred for us and perpetuating stereotypes. It’s time they were called on it. I live in the Caribbean and the denial and rejection of homosexuality here is only a step above Iran’s. It’s sickening, yet AIDS is rampant because of the D-L phenomenon.

  • Tulip

    The following will likely receive mentions as well.

    From the Hip Hop Closet:

    Da Brat
    M.C. Lite

    From the R&B/Pop Closet:

    Alicia Keys
    Mariah Carey
    John Legend

    The Comedy Closet:

    Eddie Murphy
    Johnny Gill

  • Mr C

    UMMMMMMMM As for this statement:
    This tale’s a long time coming. Honky homos have been forced out in recent years, like Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris and TR Knight. It’s only fair that black folk take some heat, too.
    W’sup with that. Blacks aren’t important to this community any other time so now lets see some BLACKS outed? Get a grip.
    Will GLAAD and be there for us like they were for T.R?
    HELL NO We’re not the “All American Boy”

    And what is so HUNKY about Neil Patrick Harris, and T R Knight? Looks more “Twinkish” to me

    First of all NO ONE should be outed and this is an attempt for this Kat to make money spewing some things that may be true and some things that will not be. And because 50 cent might say disturbing things. Does it make it right to out Kanye West? ABSURD!

    Black folks and anyone else for that matter do not need to take the heat for SHIT.
    For I believe there is misconception about coming out and being Gay. Just because you choose to wear your so-called rainbow on your sleeve doesn’t mean a damn thing.
    There are many Gay people that operate everyday as the normal hard working individual in society and his, or hers community knows about them. Besides them and your family. Does it matter who else knows?

    When Noah’s Arc was on. Noah made a great statement to Quincy after he was beat down by those straight boys. And he said: I don’t want to be a “CAUSE” And I don’t blame him.
    After GLAAD and everyone else has washed me up for their use. I’m back trying to make it in this world ON MY OWN with no support from them

    To out is wrong and to live in silence and fear is horrible. When it’s appropriate the individual will follow suit and do what’s best for them. This community is always looking for a temporary Hero. Like Mariah Carey said in a song
    “And a Hero lies in you”

  • John

    All the above plus what Tulip metioned.

    But you’ve missed out DR Dre!? HEllo….o? Am I the only one who heard the rumors?

    Dr Dre
    The Game
    50 cent and all those guys that he hangs out with and who rap…can’t remember name but Mya outed him-not sure why it never made the news…(jus google)
    LL Cool J-now…you have to have lived under a rock to not have read all the gossy blind items and non items about him..

    can’t wait for this book to come out!

  • robert135

    i have saw the first hand on ~intimatemingle.com~ that’s a good place to see new things. that is a free interracial dating club, and people aslo find their lover on that web.

  • CitizenGeek

    Totally agree with Tom! Involuntarily outing people, when those people deserve privacy, is just not good. Sure, I’d love to know whether kanYe West is gay or not, but only if -he- decides -he- wants the world to know.

  • Mr C

    Exactly Citizen, I totally agree!

    Another book everyone will all go Goo Goo Ga Ga over. Then it will die down and then the lawsuits will come for defamation of character.

    And then the “Death Threats”……………

    Is it really worth it???

  • sugarsmack

    It’s not like anything the book alleges can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, right? So what’s wrong with an entertaining tome of gossip? I am actually very curious what he has to say about Dr. Dre. I remember hearing about him years back, well that he was Bi atleast. And the possibilities fascinate me. I mean, if there has ever been a scene more fronted and fabricated than hip hop..well maybe old school Hollywood but that’s interesting also.

  • Mr C

    Hey here is a write up on it from Bossip

    Former MTV executive Terrence Dean is fanning the flames of controversy in his new book, Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry.
    “Terrance Dean’s HIDING IN HIP-HOP: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry, detailing the author’s life as a closeted homosexual working in the film and music industry and his relationships with other closeted homosexuals — film stars, rap artists, and music producers, to Krishan Trotman at Atria at auction by Karen E. Quinones Miller of Liza Dawson Associates. “
    After the Hiding in Hip-Hop deal was officially announced, the net has exploded with folks hot on the trail for the names of those undercover famous people included in Dean’s tell-all.
    However, reports claim that Terrance Dean will not actually tell all in Hiding in Hip-Hop, and that Dean will not name names in his book, unlike his female predecessors, Karrine Steffans and Carmen Bryan.
    Yet an Atria spokesperson has reportedly claimed that the real-life personas of down-low men that Dean describes in Hiding in Hip-Hop will be easy to decipher. “Let’s put it this way: You’ll know who they are,” she said, according to various online sources.

    So basically everyone will be left wondering who is he talking about??????

    And homophobia isn’t going to stop in Hip-hop nor rock and anything other genre. And probably who ever he is talking about has probably never said anything negative about the LGBT community. But will be sacrificed for embarrassment sake. OH WELL!

    Remember a few years back when Sebastian Bach of Skid Row wore a Tee Shirt that read “Aids kill fags dead”

  • ousslander

    What’s with outing crap? When straight celebrities try to hide romances and get busted they put it on the front cover of the magazines. So why not do the same type of gossiping and reporting on gay stars love lives.
    If you want privacy don’t go in show business.If you think it’s so hiorrible to be gay and must hide then I don’t wanna be a fan of yours anyway.

  • ChristopherM

    Why are so many of you applying a blanket statement about homophobia to hip hop? First of all, if an artist is homophobic as some hip hop artists are, go after the artist, not the genre. Second, metal back in the day was just as homophobic, probably more uniformly so. The fact that some artists are homophobic does not give rise to the need to out any and every artist in that genre alleged to be gay. Several of the folks mentioned so far have been on our side.

  • Mr C

    Hey Christopher I feel the same way. I just think some radical gays get a kick out of it!

  • Alexa

    I don’t think anyone should be outed unless they have have made homophobic statements or actions, and while rap/hip hop artists have not overall been gay friendly, people like Kanye have made very gay positive statements and should be left alone. Obviously it would be great if everyone famous – singers, actors, politicians, athletes, etc – came out, but unless they have done something to harm us they should be allowed to come out when they are ready.

  • todd

    Out them all. Maybe then their homophobic churches will stop demonizing the gays. Why should gay people only be seen as limp wristed white fairies? Why not let some hunky tough black guys change the face of gay?

  • Mr C


    You said “Maybe then their homophobic churches will stop demonizing the gays”
    I assume only Black churches demonize Gays?
    Be for real.

    Rod Parsley
    John Hagee
    Jerry Falwell
    Chuck Swindall
    Chuck Stanley
    James Kennedy
    James Dobson
    Fred Phelps

    Are all WHITE and have demoinized Gays worse than anyone I know.

    Get DAMN real! Since when BLACK will change the face of GAY? The estabishment that runs things in this community will never have that. It’s all about blond hair/blue eyes.
    So before you go there with that.
    Maybe you need to accept Black Gays and realize that Homophobia is shared by all RACES and churches not just Black churches.
    But when you have something against that race of people than you’ll say anything STUPID such as your last comment.

    UGH! If it’s anything I can’t stand is a prejudice gay individual.

  • Dawgson

    Did anyone see the episode of the Boondocks (The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2) about this? The hit song “Homies Over Hos” propels closeted gay rapper onto the charts. Gay hilarity ensues.

  • rantmagazine:boohoo

    Mr C…

    So true….it gets tiring doesn’t it? It’s like talking to autistic children. ‘Not ALL BLACK people are homophobic. BLACK people are a race. THEY are MANY of them. AND-SHOCK-they don’t ALL think the same!?’

    Some people have chosen selective memories and like to play dumb and believe what they choose to be ‘reality’, instead of what it actually is.

    On the other hand-I think they should be outed. I hate the whole bravado and intimidating banter that certain mainstream hip hop-ers use. I think Kanye is slowly edging out though…his dumped that beard…

    RE Dr Dre; yeah those rumors have been rife. And I’ve heard stuff first hand. It’s that whole Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 cent and G-Unit, The Game crew…they are ALWAYS dodging rumors. And I heard Mya out 50 too…plus the fact that they are always called GAY.

    Also; those dudes just look and sound like they don’t like women AT ALL and I’m not jus talking misogyny here….you can just tell.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I agree with Todd. Just because the black churches are not the only homophobic ones does not mean that the harm they do isn’t serious.

    Outing men on the down low is justifiable for many reasons. It is a culture created by the church-led disapproval that perpetuates homophobia and self-loathing. It also helps spread HIV in the wider community which is reason enough.

    If the world saw that being African-American, being gay and being successful are not mutually exclusive perhaps society as a whole would evolve.

  • Tom

    You don’t change people’s minds about gay life, gay love, and gay culture by invading the private affairs of innocent people. In fact, exploiting someone’s private life for your own personal agenda only reinforces negative stereotypes of gays as selfish, primadonna queens.

    Despite what some people think, a celebrity does not relinquish his or her private sexual life simply by becoming famous. My advice to people who have some prurient interest in the sexual activities of others, go to xtube and watch porn.

  • Rick

    as a white guy it is easy to see that a bunch of white people are here yammering away about how outing is bad.

    since this seems to be about a black person exposing the hypocrisy of a bunch of black people who make money with gay bashing and sexist language i think you could call it their cumuppance.

    i love the fact that last night the cartoon network ran the boondocks episode where gangstalicious basically came out of the closet after riley saw him kiss another guy.

    homies over ho’s, homies over ho’s was the rap “song” they used for the episode.

    i think it might do you well to remember that if you had the photogra[hic proof on tom cruise or john travolta, ot got hit on by a senator in an airport bathroom, you would be calling the national ienquirer as fst as you could.

    hopefuly this book won’t be a crock cause then it would just be that trees died for nothing.

    god i love the stench of self rightousness in the morning.

  • Tom

    Rick, thanks for helping me prove my point about primadonna queens.

  • Meeg

    Remember a few years back when Sebastian Bach of Skid Row wore a Tee Shirt that read “Aids kill fags dead”

    That was 20 years ago.

    A book like this which is looking to make money by spreading rumors about famous people’s sexuality doesn’t do anything positive for anybody (except the author and the publishers). But homophobia and a stigmatization of homosexuality is a huge problem in the Hip Hop industry and the black community in the general — much more so than in the music business/society at large.

  • Alexa

    Rick, just because you’re an asshole that would run to the tabloids with a nice, juicy story, doesn’t mean everyone is like you. If someone has done no harm I would never expose their private life, whatever I found out. If they were an asshole like you, sure thing, they deserve whatever they get.

  • Rick

    i wouldn’t run to the tabs myself, how could i? like i am going to get something on a hip hop artists liking the men?

    i couldn’t if i wanted to. which i don’t.

    a lot of you just seem to be too hung up on the outing issue and missing the real meaning of this. this is going to be forced sociological change brought by gay black men themselves.

    it is evident with the new breed of gay erotica coming from the same exact quarter.

    balck and latino men have always been denigrated in their culture and stereotyped total fems or drag queens.

    these men are most definately NOT like that and they are taking matters into their own hands.

    it will rather prove that what the haters say, be they black, white or whatever, is a load of crap.

    that people are indeed born gay and tht it is CULTURE that shapes the expression.

    i can see this and i am nothing but a 50 year old gay white guy living in middle america. i mean, my one rap song is gangsters paradise and the only rappers names i know are all actors. and i think snoop dogg is funnier than hell.

    it seems that the larger implications are being missed because of too much outrage of the act of outing. they are a minority of a minority for christ’s sake, let them do it their way.

    enough with the whities tsk tsking and more power to the brothers who are doing it for themselves.

    the diva has spoken

  • Bob

    The homophobia in the black churches has fostered the horrifying phenomenon of down low, which has caused incredibly high rates of HIV in the black straight(sort of) community. Lying about who you are is at the root of this problem. Unless people start being honest about who they are, perceptions will never change and the situation will get worse. Why is it so difficult for people to be honest and feel good about who they are?
    Stop acting tough and grow some balls guys!

  • Mr C

    To Bob and Rick,

    First of all I didn’t know you guys were such experts for Black People.

    Rick: You said: black and latino men have always been denigrated in their culture and stereotyped total fems or drag queens

    First of all. Are you in our community to see this? I don’t think so. Ahhhhh you got this from the white based news media, or some white based gay organization who every so often feel the need to perpetuate these issue to the front as if this doesn’t happen to white Gays. Give me a DAMN break. It is not all champagne and strawberries with the white girls either.

    And Bob I really wish some of you who probably doesn’t even have a connection with Black gays stop this bull shit about The “DL”. It’s the biggest thing you guys always bring up when mentioning these things. Um Black and Latinos call it DL. And White straight men who have been married 20 and 30 years who are “DISCREET MARRIED BOTTOMS” do the same damn thing who are not tested for HIV and neither them or the wife doesn’t no about their status. Oh or has God given them the precious blood of the lamb for protection? Get a fucking grip.
    Just like there may be gays in hip-hop. There’re white gays who are in rock, pop, and Christian music also. And they aren’t saying anything. So what does that mean?

    Fuck tough why don’t you learn about us and stop reading white based statistics. That doesn’t prove anything. At least these black folks are being tested. What about the “DISCREET WHITE MARRIED BOTTOMS” who’ve been in the closet all these years, what’s their status? Oh wait they’re white so it doesn’t matter. These issues are not prejudice to any community. For there are many whites who live in the closet just like any other race of people.

    IGNORANCE is truly BLISS!

    Now Ms Rick the diva you can sit down you’ve BEEN DETHRONED!

  • dioland

    i’m definitely looking for missy elliot, queen latifah, alicia keys and kanye west to be mentioned. proof of trysts with any hiphop artists and tyler perry would be a bonus. i just hope there’s proof to support the outings, otherwise, he can expect to defend plenty of lawsuits.

  • Bruce Church

    Commenting on homophobia in the black community and racism in the gay community, the homohop rappers of Deep Dickollective say: “Don’t let niggers call you faggot. Don’t let faggots call you nigger.”

    Shame that some folks feel they have to hide. But just rude to out people who have done no harm. And no surprise about the tell-all.

    Oh, and B-I-G B-O-Y on FM106 and billboards all over LA is sooo family.

  • Tom

    And just what have Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes and Kanye West done that justifies them being outed? Or is it just for your own sick pleasure?

    If they have not done anything to harm the gay community, there is no reason to promote and wish for their involuntary outing.

    Besides, considering their positions of influence, we would be well served by keeping them an ally for the gay community. The best way to do that is to respect their privacy and not contribute to anything or anyone who invades it.



  • ray stone

    For a spiritual look at homosexuality check out A Step Into Deliverance. Demons do exist.

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