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‘Home for the Holidays’ and 6 other movies to gay up your family holiday

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is here, and let's face it: Everyone needs a break.

You are stuck in rural Iowa, staying in your childhood bedroom. Grindr is dead, and you miss your fave bars back home in the big gay city. It's the day after you devoured way too much stuffing and pumpkin pie (not to mention that jug of wine) Uncle Joe is still bragging about Trump's odious migrant policy, while Aunt Sally goes on about her Black Friday Walmart excursions. It's enough to make any sane gay boy lose his mind.

In the event entertainment goes from a want to a need, we've assembled these marvelously entertaining (and gay) films for all the time killing and tension diffusing the holiday inevitably requires.

So pour another glass of wine, settle in, and give more thanks. After all, Thanksgiving means Christmas is just around the corner.

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Lez Bomb

Writer/director/star Jenna Lorenzo crafted this coming-out-at-Thanksgiving screwball comedy which plays with sincerity and sensitivity. The veteran cast is good all around, though Bruce Dern and Cloris Leachman, as Lorenzo’s grandparents, steal the movie.

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