Homophobic Vine Sensation Nash Grier Set To Star In Bret Easton Ellis’ Upcoming Straight-To-DVD Flick

bret easton ellis nash grier
Bret Easton Ellis (l) and Nash Grier (r). Photo of Ellis by Mark Coggins, CC 2.0. Grier photo via YouTube.

Sometimes-out writer Bret Easton Ellis has cast Nash Grier, of homophobic Vine fame, in his new movie, the aptly titled The Deleted.

Grier shot to dubious notoriety for his “clever” Vine videos, which he claims only look hastily created and actually take hours to craft.

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Grier landed in controversy over a Vine he made in April 2013. At the time he had 8.7 million followers on the video sharing service. At time of writing, that number has grown to 12.8 million.

In the Vine, Grier is seen yelling, “Yes it is! F*G!” in response to an OraQuick at-home oral HIV test ad, where a man says, “Testing for HIV, it’s not a gay thing.”

Fellow internet celeb Tyler Oakley brought it to broader attention when he tweeted, “Call me and people like me, ‘f*g’ all you want, but spreading false information about deadly diseases is next level.”

Grier deleted the Vine and issued an apology, saying he was “young, ignorant, stupid, and in a bad place.”

It was not the first time Grier showed himself to be a homophobe. He also has a history of tweeting things like this:

nash grier tweet

And this:

nash grier tweet

But don’t worry, because his dad says he isn’t homophobic, and also he once kissed a boy for publicity.

Grier recently starred in the movie The Outfield, which was released through video on demand by Fullscreen Films, which is also producing The Deleted, which will be Easton Ellis’ full-length directorial debut.

Ellis, most famous for writing novels such as Less Than Zero and American Psycho, has previous directed a couple of shorts and written screenplays for such films as The Canyons and The Curse of Downer’s Grove.

He has been cagey about his sexual orientation over the years, but seems to have finally landed on being openly gay. He previously claimed to be straight and bisexual. In a 1999 interview with the LA Times, he claimed he kept his orientation shrouded in mystery for artistic reasons, because it might affect how people take in his work.

Some of his other questionable moments include when he sided with Paris Hilton over her shaming of gay men around the use of hookup and dating app Grindr, responding to the “It Gets Better” campaign by saying it gets worse, saying watching Glee is like “stepping into a puddle of HIV,” and claiming Matt Bomer shouldn’t star in 50 Shades of Grey because audiences wouldn’t accept him in that role after he came out as gay.

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This looks like little more than the self-hating gay man trying to make friends with the cool new homophobe kid on the block. Grier gets to show he’s not antigay, because how could he be if he is willing to work with a gay man, and even praise him as “the man?”

And Easton Ellis gets to show he is still the edgiest by casting a known homophobe.

Fullscreen Films posted the following video of Grier talking up the project, which is being described as a thriller, with Ellis weirdly lurking in the background. In it an open shirted, hair flipping Grier enthuses about how he has never been so excited to work on a project. Watch below.

We’re instructed to get ready for what they’ve got coming. Yeah, we’ll get right on that.