Insufferable Teen Homophobe Nash Grier Kisses A Boy For Publicity

tumblr_n8gw9dxiFA1tgtvgio1_500Disgraced teen homophobe and Vine sensation Nash Grier is responding to his critics in the most childish way possible today because, well, he’s 16 and still incredibly childish.

In response to his offensive Apirl 2013 Vine going viral this week — the one in which he screams that HIV is for “fags” — Grier staged an incredibly awkward kiss with a gay male fan who shared the encounter on Snapchat, and then on Tumblr.

The caption reads: “To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologizing twice.”

Apparently there is now a growing movement of preteen girls, tumblr gays and Nash’s middle-aged father aiming to squash the notion that their beloved teenage prodigy is homophobic. “This photo is a step in the right direction,” said every tween girl who like literally can’t even.

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  • skyeyes

    Yeah ’cause that looked oh so genuine, and happy to have done it.


  • Lvng1tor

    call me when he pulls a train of hot Latin construction workers……That’s a real apology…lol

  • Kidomega123

    Not for publicity, but because he’s a self hating closet case and this is his first step towards acceptance.

  • Paco

    I just want someone to publicly flog the kid already or do whatever it is that is necessary to convince the masses he has paid the price for being a typical obnoxious teen boy.

  • Frank

    As long as Daddy Warbucks keeps raking in the cash from his fake Christian “familys” appearances and clothing line, pappa couldn’t care less if trashy Nashy is really gay, bi, or straight, I bet. “Just show me the money!”, said every mack daddy pimp, ever.

  • Frank

    And a kiss without any hot tongue action is just like kissing your relatives, so no gay apology found, but it’s a nice start. Just see my avatar for further instructions for how it’s supposed to be done.

  • Nick212

    He looks like he’s going to throw up.

  • blackberry finn

    Oh, he must be sincere. If you believe that, I’ve got some Florida real estate I’d like to sell you.

  • Raphael

    Queerty, for God’s sake, stop! The boy made ??a mistake and have regretted it, and even if he had not, he is not going do to something like that again, so, enough! It is attitudes like this that make simple intolerance turns into hate.

  • DjARD

    OK, can this whole “He’s just a teen everyone makes mistakes!” idea just not be a thing? Because it’s bullshit.

    We should hold EVERYONE to the same standard of decency, regardless of age. I don’t care that he’s just a teenager. He is public. His behavior is something emblematic of this generation – narcissism, entitlement, etc. His homophobia and lackluster attempts at apology are even worse.

    As long as we continue to say “he’s just a kid!”, he won’t actually grow. He’ll make these half-assed apologies, and then it’s done, because he’ll have support coming from his fans saying it’s OK.

    We need to push back, and try to help this kid, understand why he acts this way (because it’s more than just ‘he’s a teen’). Which also means a site like Queerty should be less derisive, and more analytic and concerned. At his current rate, Nash is just going to be another “I like guys; go marriage!” dudebro. As in, somebody with little actual allyship, and just some vague acceptance.

  • davegun2

    @DjARD: Ok. That is what I am going with too. Thank you

  • AJAnders

    It’s like I’ve said before, if he had a couple hundred followers, I wouldn’t give a crap. But it’s quite a different story when he has 9 million obsessed fans…even if they’re tweens and teen girls. To send a disgusting and untrue message like that is insanely irresponsible and dangerous. And knowing that he was trying to be funny when he made that video in regards to a deadly disease pisses me off.

    Watching his original vine also gave me bad flashbacks to high school in the late 90’s when boys used to yell or whisper “FAG!” at me and other guys in the hallway, never stop doing it while strutting around as if their sh*t doesn’t stink and never having to pay for it.

    It’s nice to see a dumb, ignorant punk of a high school boy finally face some type of consequences for acting like this, at least for now. This is going to blow over because the teen girls love him and will overlook any stupid thing he does. But seeing him squirm at the moment is better than nothing.

  • theGAPguy

    @Raphael: Raphael, the ‘boy’ has a Management Company (26, a preliminary contract with AwesomenessTV (a subsidiary of DreamWorks), and is selling merchandise from his social media accounts (that is his Dad Chad is hawking the merchandise).

    NASH GRIER IS A COMMODITY. And his Dad and Grier (who as a social media giant can hardly be called unknowing) are still fostering ignorance about AIDS and ‘fags’ … his ‘apology’ admitted NOTHING about his erroneous statement. Only that he was sorry IF he offended anyone.

    He’s a tweerp, his Dad Chad is trying to hush the PR nightmare he’s suddenly surrounded with (Nash is being sent to Alaska this Sunday to keep him inaccessible to media), while (they’re hoping) this all blows over. Well, THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. This is not a boy who made a mistake. And even if we allow all that, he has done NOTHING to show he has learned anything. KEEP UP THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESSURE! #nashgrierhomophobictweet

  • Frank


    If you bother to spend any time looking at trashy Nashy and his brothers and friends videos on YouTube and Vine, you will see that in most of them they are constantly acting out an often stereotyped, hateful and vicious, raving gay queen personae just for the ROFLOL of it all.

    And those stupid, thoughtless hijinks are then seen and by their 20 million plus (9 million just on trashy Nashy’s Vine account) teenaged followers (mostly hysterical girls) who actually are stupid enough to pay for tickets to see the “family” in person, and even buy clothing with their names plastered on the crotches and butts. And Sugar Daddy Chaddy Warbucks drives and flies the “family” across the country just to hook up with other stupid teenagers who have nothing better to do and spend their parents money on.

  • Merv

    I think Nash Grier is the one facing away from the camera. If so, that means it’s the gay kid making the face.

  • Paco

    @DjARD: So far I don’t see anyone trying to help this kid. I only see torches and pitchforks instead of offers to help nip his homophobia in the bud and turn it into a positive learning experience for him and his fans. Someone here is even blaming him for what others did to them in high school. We have all made really dumb mistakes out of ignorance when we were young, and no one chopped our heads off. I can understand the knee-jerk vitriolic reaction to his extremely offensive comments, but see no one attempting to correct the young man in a positive manner that will educate him to respect his fellow human beings.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Paco: I don’t know whether to laugh my ass off at your response or get pissed off at the victim blaming aspect or just wonder if you are a great satirist?

  • ocdj63

    @AJAnders: Just think 9 MILLION TEENAGERS and let that sink in for a second…Then think about just A LOT of teenagers at the Airport welcoming the Beatles. If you add You Tube and the others and as @Frank said it’s more like 20 million.

  • Dxley


  • DarthKitsune


  • Paco

    @Paco: Victim blaming? No. I am of the opinion that there are better, more constructive ways of combating homophobia with kids and teens. We are talking about a kid with almost zero real life experience who could still benefit from some positive correction and the fact that he does have so many followers is an opportunity to encourage him to undo some of the damage he has caused. It’s not like we are talking about some 70 year old hillbilly that sells duck hunting supplies that is set in his ways and will never change. I want him to learn and understand why homophobia is wrong and how his public comments to his fans hurts millions of people, rather than just be told what I want to hear.

  • Paco

    @Paco: sorry, that was a reply to you Lvng1tor.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Paco: tell ya what you go hug it out with the lil fame monster, who knows damn well what he’s doing, and let me know how it works out. He’s 16 and lives in the internet age. He has a history of homophobic bullshit. Has a parent who makes excuses and could care less as long as he sells and the kid does a publicity stunt that boarders on the far side of desperate… So, apparently I’m going with the LOL option with just a bit of you’re naive…with your heart but not your head in the right place.

  • Seth


    I’ll give Nash some credit here, for “sacrificing” his pride a small amount to demonstrate that his masculinity is not threatened by this one particular queer…

    But he’s still just stonewalling and demonstrating that he’ll not be intimidated. He’s still presenting himself as the victim. Besides, girls love seeing dudes kiss. He thinks the kiss is just funny, just like he thinks queers are.

    His instinct to give the queers a modestly prurient token just shows that he thinks of homosexuality as a sexual thing and not about identity.

    I’d rather see Nash attend 4 or more local GLBT teen meetings and sit quietly learning to see them as people.

  • enlightenone

    @Raphael: Let me guess, you were a fag hating fag (mistake)when you were a teen, so we need to let this ‘don’t know any better” knucklehead have his rite of passage. B.S! Social Media can be deadly and it will be quite sometime before we see any real consequences for its use, kinda like having to pass a driver’s test, get a license to drive a car, have auto insurance, etc.

  • enlightenone

    @Paco: I think it’s supposed to be his father you moron!

  • enlightenone

    @Seth: The gay boy he kissed is a person, unfortunately his self-esteem is rather low or this kiss would not have happened!

  • Alton

    @Paco: I’d be happy for everyone to just go back to ignoring this moronic, hateful kid. How does one get 8 million fans just by posting Vine videos, anyway? This stupid country. To paraphrase David Cross: fuck the terrorists, *I* hate our freedom.

  • Oberyn

    Homophobes can do gay porn for money. Homophobes can kiss another dude for being famous.

  • frenchjr25

    I’m not sure I buy your argument that he’s truly homophobic. It seems to me that just maybe he’s being a stupid 16 year old. Look at the photo. The other guy is clearly laughing while Grier is taking it really seriously.

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s actually bi or gay and trying to figure things out. It is fairly common for teens that are struggling with their sexuality to spend time trying to deny it or coming across as homophobic.

  • JimboinLA

    That Christian homophobic attitude has caused enough gay teens to commit suicide that I have no problem with it causing this teen to commit career suicide. Which is what this is all about. He moved out here to LA because he has a movie deal with Awesomeness TV which is owned by Dreamworks which is owned by David Geffen. This kid is just trying to save his deal. Back to North Carolina with him and immediately a dozen non-homophobe vine-boy-cuties will pop up to replace him.

  • JimboinLA

    And also. This not about reforming Nash and teaching him a valuable lesson. I’m not into missionary work. This is about stating loud and clear that if you are a public figure making hateful, homophobic comments, your apologies are irrelevant and we will do everything we can to destroy your career. We need to make an example out of Nash Grier. For the sake of all the teens who killed and will kill themselves because of the very attitude he flaunted to his nine million followers.

  • crowebobby

    @Alton: I won’t argue with us being a stupid country, but the blog/vine craze is a worldwide phenomenon. And it is, for the most part, very pro-gay with total acceptance of gay bloggers both by the straight bloggers and by their tween-girl fans. Anyone who writes a gay slur gets called out by the girls (and most guys) very quickly and vehemently. Nash and his “gang” are the exception as far as I’ve seen and they really do act like typical 15-year-olds (even though the oldest one is pusing 20)indulging (usually in their underwear) in all the ha-ha-I’m-so-straight-I-can-do-this homoerotic antics tpical of that age.

  • Paco

    @JimboinLA: Yea. I figured that was what this was about. I find it disturbing, but whatever makes you feel better I guess. I’m out.

  • stranded

    if you hate him so much, why is this site giving him another platform for him to gain exposure? It doesn’t make any sense. This is the 3rd story in a week.

  • Queer4Life

    I remember what it was like in the early 90’s. I remember what it was like in the early 00. Let me just say how proud I am to be living today. Everyone is bitching about this guy and forgetting what’s really important.

    What’s important is not what he did. That to me is the least interesting part. No what’s interesting to me is 20 years ago people would be agreeing with what he did. Instead look at the response. The public reaction has been so strong and so negative that he not only made a public apology, but posted a picture of kissing another guy. Would this have happened 10 years ago? I don’t think so.

    It is things like this and not gay marriage laws which lets me know the world is getting better.

  • Tookietookie123

    @Paco: You do realize from a sociological standpoint, how people are reacting is completely acceptable? There are two types of social control, there’s the formal and informal restraints, and formal restraints are legal and government intervention which is too far for something like this, then there is the informal restraints in which your peers and in this case your followers give you crap in order to correct your behavior which doesn’t fit with the current societal standard. This is a societal response to an individual deviating from our social standards.

  • JimboinLA

    @Paco: I appreciate your compassion for the kid since he IS just a kid. But there is a bigger issue here. All my friends who died of AIDS in the 80’s and 90’s, who became infected before people knew, got no compassion from Nash Grier. For me that is just unforgivable unless the kid is actually gay and comes out as a gay Christian kid scared of hell. That I would accept.

  • JimboinLA

    With apologies to the religious IMAO he is a member of a sect of the cult of christianity that believes being gay is punished with hell. He’s been brainwashed by the cult to believe this since he was a child and I’m sure he still believes it. That’s the REAL problem.

  • Raphael

    @enlightenone: No, actually I was bullied. But that does not mean I want to pursue them incessantly for the rest of their lives, at some point I can only hope that they have learned.

    • enlightenone

      @Raphael: Being “bullied” can have life-long negative effects as illustrated by your statement. (See la90068 last post!)


    @Merv: You are correct, But then again can you blame the Gay kid????


    This isn’t the first time this vile little vine thit posted anti-Gay venom. He has posted a lot of anti-Gay tweets also…….

    The only thing he is “sorry” about is the possible loss of dollars from his endorsement deals…….Finally we are reaching a point in our nation where Gays are no longer acceptable fodder for the haters……

    When this little thit has a pix of a dick in his mouth lemme know……..

  • la90068

    the whole faux celebrity thing is unreal. he has a base of 8 mill plus fans of young kids. his homophobic vids and tweets clearly cast him as a homophobe, who spreads this ignorance to impressionable kids everywhere. he has the right to have an opinion, however hateful it may be. but the entertainment industry also has a right to kick this homophobic , twitchy , no talent piece of shit, to the curb. he has a deal at awesomeness tv (owned by dreamworks animation) and MTV; two of the most forward thinking companies when it comes to gay/human rights. this kid is antithetical to their corporate culture and is a shameful representation of their brand. i hope both companies do the right thing and send a message that they have no tolerance for young opinion makers like Nate, spreading hateful and harmful messages to impressionable kids that could further bullying and dangerous notions about the spread of a deadly disease like HIV. for a guy that made himself famous by making videos, its telling that he chose to write an apology (no doubt drafted by a damage control publicist) rather than using the medium to make him famous, to voice an apology from the heart. he says in his written statement, he is for equality, yet his tweet clearly says “gay rights…nahhhh” . he apology is as empty as his talents .

  • misterhollywood

    Kind of a fun story. Looks like it evoked a response from a lit of people. Is the jury still out on Nash being a homophobe or does this picture put the story to rest? Somehow I doubt it:)

  • JimboinLA

    I sincerely hope this is the nail in the coffin with his management team You know he did this without telling, them thinking he could ‘fix it’. Not understanding the situation al all. Does this management company really want to be associated with a homophobic loose cannon??

    • la90068

      Don’t bother , the punks dad is his manager. Probably the one who taught him all he knows

  • JimboinLA

    @la90068: That’s a good thing. He doesn’t have a clue how this town works.

  • barkomatic

    We’ve really come full circle here. It used to be that if you were gay — or even supported gay people your life as a public figure would be over. Now, if you’re a homophobe you’re life as a public figure is seriously endangered. I like this development.

    Grier knows he screwed up and that this could ruin his budding fame which is obviously motivating his current antics. Nevertheless, he’s 16 and going out of his way to correct his previously tirade. Time to move on.

    • enlightenone

      @barkomatic: “Nevertheless, he’s 16 and going out of his way to correct his previously tirade. Time to move on.” With this kind of statement, take your own advice, since you clearly have nothing of value to offer: “current antics/”going out of his way to correct his previously tirade.” Which is it? “He’s 16.” Sixteen year olds do go to juvenile hall and some go to adult prisons…

    • la90068

      the only thing this kid is sorry for is getting busted. when jonah hill used the F word and got caught, he went on fallon/tonight show and made a heartfelt apology that was classy and believable. in this case, the kid didnt even make a video, he showed a pic of a carefully worded/scripted tweet saying he was sorry, that he wouldnt do anything that suggested anything less than equal rights for all (i guess he forgot about his tweet saying “gay rights….nahhhh” and “RT if youre against gay marriage”. again, he can do and say what he likes, but the kid makes videos about the most stupid things, if he was sorry, he should have made a video and speak from the heart. im sure someone was paid a lot of money to draft his apology.
      DREAMWORKS animation and MTV have always perpetuated positive gay messages to their audiences; i hope they realize this asshole is not consistent with their brand. MTV has always tried to educate teens about hiv, this kid is just the opposite. send him home. he needs to do some soul searching and evolve, rather than just spew hate to 8 million impressionable kids who want to be “cool” like him.

    • enlightenone

      @Paco: GOOD because you clearly have nothing to add. I’M IN! For me, regarding this problem that’s more than this misguided, opportunist kid is activism (for the wellness of gay youth who are becoming aware of their sexuality and forming their identities at a much younger age in a world that still wants to stone, imprison, murder us/them), not parenting. There are only 19 states out of 50 in this country that “recognize” our civil right to marry even if they still, surprise, wouldn’t want us to “flaunt it or shove it down their throats!” We can’t even support ENDA as it is appears right now! We have been walking this earth for over 60 million years! So, no, I am not impressed with the “speed” of our “advancing” rights.

  • enlightenone

    @la90068: We’ll just have to agree to disagree re: how “believable” his apology was. Many do agree with you!

  • AlexM123

    I can’t believe people are buying his half assed apology. He is a total homophobe. He has tweeted MANY people calling them fags or faggots; He tweeted “RT this if you’re against gay marriage” and lots of other things. Instead of trying to brush off his video as the mistake of a young teen, we need to realize that it was a deliberate message made by a homophobic shit.

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