Insufferable Teen Homophobe Nash Grier Kisses A Boy For Publicity

tumblr_n8gw9dxiFA1tgtvgio1_500Disgraced teen homophobe and Vine sensation Nash Grier is responding to his critics in the most childish way possible today because, well, he’s 16 and still incredibly childish.

In response to his offensive Apirl 2013 Vine going viral this week — the one in which he screams that HIV is for “fags” — Grier staged an incredibly awkward kiss with a gay male fan who shared the encounter on Snapchat, and then on Tumblr.

The caption reads: “To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologizing twice.”

Apparently there is now a growing movement of preteen girls, tumblr gays and Nash’s middle-aged father aiming to squash the notion that their beloved teenage prodigy is homophobic. “This photo is a step in the right direction,” said every tween girl who like literally can’t even.