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Homosexuals Free To Continue Defending Virginia From Militias, Or Whatever The National Guard Does

Virginia State Del. Bob Marshall, who had this wonderful plan to build his own version of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into the Virginia Army National Guard, has lost that battle. House Bill 2474 died in committee, colleagues of Marshall — who argued the federal repeal of DADT would make Muslim soldiers in the Middle East hate American soldiers — turned to him and said, Uh, WTF?

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  • [email protected]

    Another historical parallel to the racial integration of the military. National Guard units were the last to integrate. 10 states still had no blacks in their Guard by the time Kennedy became President. And it took the same potential of losing federal dollars to finally get them to come around.

    And, while hardly anyone in LGBT media or LGBT, Inc., and no one in MSM, gets it, even after “repeal” is finally actualized, thanks to Pentagon bigot demands, gays in the various services will not have the same Military Equal Opportunity program benefits and protections that blacks, women, white supremacists, and Wiccans have, creating a kind of gay variation on the infamous “Jim Crow Army.”


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