Hot Tub Time Machine Is So Stupid We Don’t Even Care About the Terrible Gay Jokes

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In order for us to give two craps about a major film trafficking in stereotypical gay jokes, we’re getting to the point where we have to care about the movie. Because Hollywood, despite all its gay writers and producers (and actors!), still inserts one-dimensional fag humor into these bromance comedies, because it distills the fact that male friends hanging out together is the gayest thing in the world. So with the new film Hot Tub Time Machine, opening Friday, about four idiots somehow bestowed the opportunity to travel back to the 1980s, when everything was good in the world, it’s like, Who gives a damn?.

While John Cusack & Co. talk about seeing their bare asses on gay porn sites, Cusack also reveals he’s well aware of just what type of movie he’s starring in, telling Entertainment Weekly, “[T]he homophobia is so obviously coming from the total masculine inferiority of the main characters. I mean, homophobia is funny because it’s the ultimate fear of so many guys. Like, God forbid they should be gay! Anything that makes the characters look stupider seemed to work.”

Are the cheap laughs as “wink wink” as, say, Bruno‘s? Not so much.