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How Come The Anti-Gay British Hotel Owners Let Unmarried Straight Couples Spend The Night?

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the British hotel owners who were just fined $5,700 for refusing to rent a room to gay couple Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, have long maintained that their boarding policy isn’t anti-gay. It’s just anti-unmarried. See, the Bulls insisted their faith only permits them to let couples stay in a room together if they are married, and since their Christian beliefs refuse to acknowledge Hall and Preddy’s relationship, they were denied a place to sleep. So the Bulls deny rooms to unmarried straight couples too? So they said. Except now they have straight former guests coming forward saying the Bulls never inquired about their marital status.

The National Secular Society, which you might have guessed has an interest in shooting down discrimination disguised as Christian beliefs, relays:

But the National Secular Society can confirm that this policy was not applied to one of its own Council members. Dr Ray Newton stayed at the hotel in a double room with his female partner in 2006. They were not trying to pass themselves off as a married couple. Dr Newton said they were never asked whether they were married – and it never occurred to him that it would be an issue.

Dr Newton said: “We made no bones about our not being married and nobody asked any questions either before we arrived, while we were there or after we left. It never occurred to us that this might be a problem in a hotel in Britain in the 21st century.

“I have stayed in hotels with my partner all around the world, from the USA to China and this has never been an issue for us,” said Dr Newton. “We had no idea before we arrived that the owners of Chymorvah Hotel were evangelical Christians or that they had a policy about unmarried couples. It was only after we went to our room and found religious tracts all over the place — including in the bathroom — that we had any indication that religion was an issue for the owners of the establishment.”

From the couple that claimed they would have to shutter the hotel if forced to pay any damages to Hall and Preddy comes the not-so-stunning revelation: they are liars. AND SINNERS! To hell with them.

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