How to Definitely Get Us to Support the Highline


If you’re unfamiliar, New York City’s Highline is an abandoned set of rail yards on Manhattan’s West Side that’s been undergoing attempted renovation plans (public park! elevated walk way! waterfront condos!) for what seems like decades. Calvin Klein threw his Fashion Week party there. Naturally, there are environmentally conscious folks who don’t want the Highline messed with, and see its “renovation” as an excuse for the wealthy to treat yet another part of the city as their playground. But what happens when photographer Kevin McDermott uses the Highline as his playground? Well, this. (Semi-NSFW)


The completely NSFW originals are available on McDermott’s website; click the “Nudes” section.

[via FOTH]

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  • Alan


  • hardmannyc

    That man’s penis is one fire!

  • Sebbe

    Manhattan’s High Line (I believe it is two words) is an opportunity that NYC cannot afford to miss out on. It is a waste to just let it sit there abandoned. Let the gentrification begin!!

  • getreal

    Click the links they are very nice! The guy in top pic delicious!

  • Michael vdB

    I think if it is planned properly, then revitalizing an area that needs it can be very helpful to the city as a whole. I understand things are expensive but the city should be looking at mixed residential housing that ensures regular condos, but enough spaces for low income. If you have too much of one or too much of the other then it can ghettoize the area quite quickly and that is no good for any city.

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