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How to Tell If Someone Supports Bruno in 1 Easy Step


Ask this question: Are you a member of a gay rights organization? Or are you a member of the media? If the person answers “yes” to the first question, it’s likely he will hate Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, just like GLAAD does. If the person answers “yes” to the second question, he will love, honor, and cherish Bruno, just like Out magazine does (and Queerty as well). That’s the effective takeaway from this otherwise banal discussion on the progressive merits of Bruno.

But why does each group act like this?

Because gay rights organizations are in the business of crying foul whenever someone or something does anything to remotely offend the community, which gets interpreted as oppression. (Sometimes this is great! Other times, it reeks of overreacting.)

Gay media, on the other hand, is in the business of promoting art and culture, because what’s good for other folks’ media projects is good for their mission statement and bottom line, too.

If you happen to belong to neither of these groups, well, you’re on your own.

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  • Sean Chapin

    I would hate to be the one who was beaten because of a homophobic hate crime, the citizen who’s car was vandalized in a homophobic hate crime, the student who was taunted with anti-gay slurs, the teenager who considers committing suicide because of a lack of outreach support, the young soul who takes his/her life because the world is too unbearable, the couple who is denied the right to legally marry, the hard-working and strong-performing adult who is fired because of his/her homosexuality, the brave soldier who is discharged because she or he came out publicly as openly LGBT.

    I can tell you that I am a citizen who’s car was vandalized in a homophobic hate crime. I have yet to fix my car, and it will probably cost me hundreds of dollars to do so.

    I am smart enough to understand the satire that drives this movie. However, I am sure that there will be many who watch this movie and fail to understand the satirical foundation, whether intentionally or not, and be fueled to continue to further acts of discrimination and hatred unlike the above. And I care for those individuals who are on the receiving end of this pain and suffering, because I can understand what that is like.

    Because acts of hatred, ignorance and fear against homosexuals which cause real pain and suffering in America while we are treated as second-class citizens with less than full equal civil human rights, I would appreciate a message in the beginning of the movie to make clear that the intentions for the movie.

    I would appreciate it, really for those who suffer at the hands of discrimination and prejudice.

  • galefan2004

    I feel for you about the vandalism on your car. I can’t imagine someone doing that to my car. I think its cool how you put it on youtube. I admire your ability to take a stand. We can’t change the hatred of idiots that do this type of thing, but what we can do is stand up for ourselves. Idiots that do this don’t need a movie to base it on though. That is the major point. This movie won’t influence someone to go key a car or beat up a gay person. If they desired to do that they don’t need “justification” to do it.

  • dgz

    what if we just don’t think he’s funny?

  • galefan2004

    @DGZ: Then you are either a member of the HRC and do not think he is funny because of your political views, or you just don’t like the guy. You get to chose.

  • Bradley Traynor

    but, what if we’re a member of the satire-savvy gay media and we still think bruno is lame, tired, and um, lame…?

  • Geoff

    @Sean Chapin: Hey Sean, I’ve been to Indio before…and that sucks about your car. Email me dude. I have a podcast and several people I already know would like to contribute to fix your car.

  • Henry Holland

    @Bradley Traynor: Tsk, tsk, that’s not allowed! You MUST find SBC hilarious or you’re a humorless prude who can’t take a joke! Duh, Queerty told me that.

  • Chad

    @dgz: then you are incorrect

  • Lex

    I don’t think he’s funny and it has nothing to do with gay politics.

  • jjm16

    “Because gay rights organizations are in the business of crying foul whenever someone or something does anything to remotely offend the community, which gets interpreted as oppression.”

    If you know anyone who’s not smart and tells jokes, you’ll have noticed that gay jokes are all the rage. His character plays into that, which def. turns my glasses. But I don’t think the character’s such a big deal, as long as his sexuality isn’t the motif of his humor(I’m not intrigued enough to know this).

  • George

    I work at a gay rights organization and I think SBC is hilarious and I can’t wait for Bruno. Just to put that out there…

  • Think

    Don’t you pro-Cohen tools feel stupid that you have to rely on a straight guy to fight homophobia (at least that’s what the moviemakers try to pass the movie off)? Don’t you feel stupid that Cohen and the movie company will become even richer with the movie revenues, while you still have to fear getting beaten up on the streets and harassed at work? Make this Jew rich and forget about the oppressed (and maybe disabled) gays in your neighborhood.

  • strumpetwindsock


    “Make this Jew rich”

    Fuck off.

  • alan brickman

    best film to promote gaybashing ever!!!….

  • Jack Scribe

    82 minutes of mostly boring skit material free-balled by Cohen. Mincing around, visual anal sex schtick, dildo duels…that’s about it. The straight boys in my theater got a real hoot out of Bruno’s stereotypical effeminate flaming. This film doesn’t satire homophobia, it encourages it.

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