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How to Tell If Someone Supports Bruno in 1 Easy Step


Ask this question: Are you a member of a gay rights organization? Or are you a member of the media? If the person answers “yes” to the first question, it’s likely he will hate Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, just like GLAAD does. If the person answers “yes” to the second question, he will love, honor, and cherish Bruno, just like Out magazine does (and Queerty as well). That’s the effective takeaway from this otherwise banal discussion on the progressive merits of Bruno.

But why does each group act like this?

Because gay rights organizations are in the business of crying foul whenever someone or something does anything to remotely offend the community, which gets interpreted as oppression. (Sometimes this is great! Other times, it reeks of overreacting.)

Gay media, on the other hand, is in the business of promoting art and culture, because what’s good for other folks’ media projects is good for their mission statement and bottom line, too.

If you happen to belong to neither of these groups, well, you’re on your own.