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How You Can Control Queerty’s Coverage of Dustin Zito, Davey Wavey, Justin Bieber, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Oh hi! Did you notice that lately we’ve been a lot more active over on Facebook? We’re pushing every story over to the wall (as the kids say) so you can hit “Like” to your heart’s content.

But we have a slightly ulterior motive in doing so. You see, this is our sneaky little way of figuring out what’s popular and what you want to read more of.

For example, eight people liked the story about the Old Navy shirts, six liked the one about the rapture, and three liked the story about the gay sailors. Therefore, you may expect to see more stories in the future about apocalyptic naval trysts involving price-conscious fashions.

Also, try to contain your shock upon hearing that Dustin Zito and gay porn are popular topics.

But what does this mean for you, the savvy Queerty reader? It means that if you see us cover a topic that you like, you shouldn’t just like it in your head. Like it out loud! Click the “Recommend” button at the top of every post you like to let us know that we should stick to that particular beat.

You can also, of course, drop us a line at [email protected], or let us know what you think of a particular story in the comments.

So if we see a ton of thumbs-up for, let’s say, Justin Bieber or the United Nations, but not so many for poor Davey Wavey, we’ll adjust our coverage accordingly. (For the record, only one person liked our last post about Davey Wavey.)

And don’t forget to join our Facebook page so you can catch all of our coverage the moment it breaks. You don’t want to be the last to know about the latest Zito headlines, after all.

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  • Tallskin

    By mohammed’s itchy piles, I swear Queerty is really shit since it came back

    What the f*ck is this article about?

  • Hyhybt

    No system is perfect…. Facebook Likes show up on Facebook, of course, and depending on what people use their Facebook page for, Queerty might be inappropriate. And comment threads…. well, I can’t be the only person who, very often, will have nothing to say on a particularly good article that hasn’t already been said, and who had “Don’t make ‘me too’ posts!” drilled into his head before they became more acceptable. And of course there’s the opposite: articles that don’t say much (and are non-arousing) but which generate hundreds of comments all the same. Of course, since y’all apparently are reading the comments, you can tell which is which, and (hopefully) not throw in too many of the latter intentionally. Unless you’re running low on page views.

    Well, that was rambly. No system is perfect, so it makes sense to use several :)

    There *is* one thing that’s always bugged me about Queerty: the “SUBSCRIBE” option. More specifically, the way it’s implemented. A lot of times, I’ll find a subject interesting, but either have nothing *yet* to say on it, or else no time right then to do so. On some sites, I can go ahead and subscribe anyway, but this one only allows that with a post… which means most likely I’ll close the window (or delete it from RSS without ever visiting the site) and never think of it again.

  • Hyacinthe

    I’m assuming you’re using the “More Please” button as an equal source of user feedback, because as @Hyhybt said, liking stuff on here shows up on Facebook and I for one don’t feel like mixing Queerty and Facebook, for various reasons.

  • SickofDavey


  • Elloreigh

    Seems the world is starting to divide into two camps – those who use Facebook and those who don’t.

    Yes, there are still a few of us antisocial types who haven’t/won’t sign up for a Facebook account. As evidenced by this article, failing to have a Facebook account means are opinion will apparently go largely unnoticed.

    Lovely – marginalized yet again.

  • TimBo

    Sorry don’t use face book out of principle! BUT very grateful your cutting back on Davey Wavey he is sooooo annoying! ABOVE ALL very grateful to have Queerty back! Makes my morning coffee so much better!

  • christopher di spirito

    Dustin Zito is hot and his tweets (“dreets” when he tweets loaded) are a hot mess. He’s so damned cute. I can’t get enough of him.

    The obsession the old Queerty had for Davey Wavey bordered on the pathological. Overwhelmingly, people told Queerty “enough” about Davey Wavey but no one listened. It became a joke.

    Let’s hope the news (and hopefully Davey Wavey-free) Queerty doesn’t make the same mistakes.

  • T2B

    I have no issues with Davey Wavey, but I think that if you ARE going to post shitloads of links to him, you should do the same for other LGBT bloggers. There’s a lot of us (I, for one) who could use the traffic boost. DW has a full cult following; he really doesn’t need the help.

  • ronbo

    Isn’t Davey Wavey a sandwich at Subway? Baloney on white, hold the mayo.

  • David Gervais

    A couple of things about what I see as possible in the future of Queerty.

    First, decide if you are a going to be a real news site. If so, work on improving on your journalistic standards. Start by separating news from opinion. There is a place for editorial opinion, and what you have done so far is a very good start.
    The gossipy fun stuff needs to be segregated from the news section, just like a newspaper. Remember them? They had centuries to evolve the standards they use, a lot can be learned from them.

    I really object to being forced into facebook. They are horribly insecure with the data they collect, and the business is funded by selling your info to others.

    I’m out of time, more later.

  • David Gervais

    Just a note in passing about Dustin Zito-
    He’s very cute, but for some guys (me) he is wa-a-a-y too young. Diversity within our community is good too.

  • Jeffree

    Two quick points, after too many pints:
    1) I’m another non FB user, except to notify locals where I’m performing next.
    2) Thanks for bringing back the “recent comments” feature; it helps to keep “conversations” going and help interesting-but-older threads stay active.

  • Steff

    You guys need to get a mass comm. intern. Anyway, the plurality vote is sometimes problematic and just maybe, you might not want the readers to decide. Although, the piece on Old Navy was amazing but then again, anything that Old Navy does is amazing.

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