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“I wonder when fans will start thinking I’m ridiculous”

ladgagab_3 OH SNAP — Singer Lady Gaga, who is not a drag queen, in a new photo shoot promoting her insta-iconic look of glam pop diva.

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  • Mattbydesign

    She already is ridiculous. Can we have some better music please?

  • Tyni1

    Never heard of Lady Gaga.

  • Ali

    I already think she’s ridiculous. I love her look, but I loved it more when I saw it three years ago as a pretty standard electroglam club look, and it’s so boring to pair it with her bland as hell pop music.

  • rogue dandelion

    hey, just dance was pretty catchy.
    so was poker face
    Her other songs are meh.

  • DarknesS

    ummm…. the key word in the quote is FANS… not whiney, pretentious drama queens…

  • BrianZ

    I’ll take her, and her music, over BritBrit, that’s for sure. She is also rather gay-positive, so she gets a lil love from me.

    @Ali: I know, right? But it takes some things longer to bubble up to the mainstream. I disagree about her music, though. But such is life. 🙂

  • jason

    I like Lady Ga Ga’s music. It’s got an edge of excitement to it that is lacking in the generic pop dance world which has dominated British and American dance scenes for the last 15 years. Over these last 15 years, the basic dance sound has basically been the same, with very ordinary producers churning out stereotypical beats to inane lyrics sung by women with very little clothing.

    I know Lady Ga Ga markets herself with little clothing but at least her sound is shaking up the conservative world of dance music.

  • spb

    LOVE her. She is the Madonna of our generation.

  • afrolito


    Love Gaga, but if she isn’t the Madonna of any generation. The comparison is laughable. Gaga herself loves Madona, and would never make such a ridiculous claim.

    Gaga makes some fun catchy pop tunes, but she is in no way “shaking up the conservative world of dance music”….another ridiculous claim. I enjoy her for what she is, but let’s keep it real.

  • Erick

    Not a fan and I think shes ridiculous already. Not long.

  • Michael

    Does anyone else see the incredible similarity in style to Missing Person’s frontwoman, Dale Bozzio? I showed my husband a clip on youtube of Dale Bossio, and he thought it was Lady Gaga! Obviously, Lady Gaga has greater vocal prowess than Bozzio, but in terms of look, it is hard to escape the similarities.

  • Glam Goddess

    I love her. I love her look. I love her music. It is amazing how pretentious some gay men have become about music, especially since they loved the horrid vocal stylings of Madonna over twenty years ago. At least, Lady Gaga can sing and she revels in being ridiculous. She is our generations Glam Goddess.

  • james ii

    i am a fan, and i think she is ridiculous. the key is not to take her seriously. for a 23-year-old, i think she’s pretty smart — smarter than the legions of fans who don’t realize her look and her act is an amalgamation of everyone from dale bozio to grace jones to madonna. and no, she is not the madonna or anything else of this generation. she’s just not original enough. i do give her props though because she does write much of her own stuff and she has written music for others, like britney, et al. But she is not a force in her own right. her music is fun, enjoyable, good to dance to or workout to, but don’t get too serious about any of it, whether you love or hate her.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I just don’t feel it, myself. I find her music to be somewhat catchy in that “play it in the background and don’t listen too closely” sort of way, but she’s hardly an icon or anything. I’d be willing to bet that we won’t even remember her in five years. It’s just more disposable, hollow pop music, and the vacant masses lap it up like it’s some sort of ambrosia.

    Of course, if I’m being 100% honest, she lost me the moment I heard her name. It just might be the worst stage name ever for a solo performer.

    And I don’t care what anyone says…I still say she’s a drag queen.

  • Chris

    @James II But what we must remember is that this is her first breakthrough on the scene. If she lasts, she could have quite an impact on the musical world.

    Madonna’s original album was phenom, but had she stopped there, she would not be the musical force she is today.

  • Confession of a Bad Boy

    She could have atleast wiped her own sunglasses the smudges are killing me.

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