I’m Getting Closer to Figuring Out How Fabulis I Can Be

We’re this much closer to figuring out what Fabulis is! After a multi-city party circuit, Jason Goldberg’s little social network that could unveils DEFCON STAGE 2 with “Plans,” where all your Facebook calendar data gets imported, and then sized up with new criteria, like, if you’re attending the NOH8 shoot in LA, should you bring a posse, a bottle, or an open mind? (I’m a firm believing in bringing arm candy everywhere, but whatever you prefer.) Right now we are getting a lot of pop-up windows when we click around the site, which I no-likey, but it could be because I’m using the boss’ account and he knows way too many people on there.

(Also: A quick thank you to whoever came up with the name Fabulis, because it makes writing pun-y headlines for lazy bloggers like me that much easier. OKTHXBI.)