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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I like Brian the dog but I don’t think people realize that Family Guy and American Dad (which is funnier) is a commentary on the souless-ness of American values and it’s obsession with celibritocracy just like these blosites. I would rather have Chardonnay with Roger the Alien (can we say Paul Lynde!) than gun-toting baby Stewie who’s closet is deep and possibly Republican!

  • ProfessorVP

    My fave is Quagmire, who certainly seems to be based on Bob Hope.

  • hells kitchen guy

    That show is to The Simpsons as Britney is to Madonna. Or West Side Story to Spring Awakening. Or …

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Yes, HK, the Simpsons are the standard-bearer and from a smarter and more informed place (what is is with gays and their ability to write better than straights?) I prefer Kylie to Britney or Madonna as she does Camp better than either one and West Side Story needs a remake (it was set in Hell’s Kitchen, right?) Never saw Spring Awakening as I’m not that interested in pubescent perpectives.

  • Robert In Cali

    I think Seth is hot. You got it right Sietan, have a drink with Brian and call it a day. Dry Martini, no olive, and stir it.

  • urban bohemian

    Seth doesn’t need to be gay, he’s already in love with himself, or certainly with the sound of his own voice.

    I just wonder where his eyes are… he’s in like perma-squint mode.

  • Meeg

    I love Family Guy and American Dad (although is it just me or have the most recent Family Guy episodes been not as funny?). But I do think that there are sometimes overtones of misogyny and even racism. Also, I’ve read that Seth MacFarlane has a lot a gay friends and loves the gays, etc; but sometimes his shows seem to reflect some bizarre ideas about what its like to be gay.

  • ray

    The recent Family Guy episodes are patched up unfinished episodes Fox put out on its own at Seth’s protest while he’s out on strike with the writers.

    FG pokes fun of a lot of stereotypes and relies on the audience to get the irony and understand that ignorant views endorsed by stupid, ignorant characters are dumb while smart enlightened characters like Brian and Lois have intelligent views.

  • GoKitty

    Seth MacFarlane was on an episode of Gilmore Girls… does anymore need to be said?

  • Rikard

    Seth is handsome and literate and probaby has a slightly cruel streak. Dangerous enough to be irresistably sexy. His work promotes all kinds of weird human impulses, savages our darkest antisocial desires and makes us laugh at the inevitable “stooge” we all become. Worse, he does it with such surprise the chardonnay is likely to come squitring out of your nose.

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