Internal Report Claims Presence Of Gay Bishops, But You’ll Never Guess How Many

lambethSame-sex marriage is set to kick into gear on March 29th in England and Wales, and it’s stirring conversation on both sides of the issue.

Religious leaders are for the most part doing what they do best — staunchly opposing progress. But it looks like the Church of England may be even more hypocritical than usual when it comes to gays tying the knot.

According to one Anglican clergyman’s account on The Daily Beast, at least 14 of the church’s 42 Bishops — one third — are gay, though none have publicly come out.

The Church of England has a reputation for its live-and-let-live mentality. Hell, it was founded as a way for Henry VIII to take a second wife. And yet clergy are explicitly forbidden from marrying same-sex couples.

Come on, Church of England, this is your chance to be on the forefront of change and attract a whole new group of puffs into your pews! There’s even an Anglican priest set to marry his long-time partner, but the church is strongly opposing the union, telling him he could be sanctioned or even dismissed for “conduct unbecoming” the clergy.

And the opposition to gay marriage on religious grounds is just getting so boring. You’re the Church of England, damn it. You’re supposed to do things a little differently. Perhaps if Anne Boleyn had been Alan Boleyn this issue would have been put to rest long ago.

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