Iowa Radio Host Praises Iran’s Ahmadinejad For Saying Gays Are “Ugly”

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Earlier this week we reported on how Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared homosexuality was “ugly behavior” on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Well, it didn’t take long for one conservative radio host to give Ahmadineajad a virtual pat on the back: Right-wing talk-show host Jan Mickelson of Iowa’s WHO-AM 1040 not only agreed with the dictator’s statement, he lashed out at Morgan for “moral, intellectual bankruptcy” in bringing the subject up in the first place.

In the clip above, Mickelson plays a portion of the Ahmadinejad-Morgan exchange and then weighs in with his own pithy comments:

“I think it is absolutely fascinating that a moment of international tension—where literally nuclear exchanges could occur [and] incendiary comments about the legitimacy of countries and the roots of the legitimacy of Israel have been challenged… [and] what does CNN ask? “Hey, what if your kids are gay?”

That is a demonstration of the absolute moral, intellectual bankruptcy of Western, mainstream media and that particular journalist, [of] how values can be so topsy-turvy.

And the weird thing is, you know, on that exchange I’ve got to go with that Iranian fellow. Did I ever think I would be the position to actually agree with the potential-serial killing, nuclear-crazed [inaudible]. Talk about ironies. Anyway. Wow.

Media Matters reminds us that Mickelson’s cranked up the homophobia before—referring to the LGBT community as a “religious cult” and suggested that AIDS is God’s “invention” to “punish” gay men. (Clear Channel Communications was forced to issue an on-air apology after that last one.)

We could have picked Ahmadineajad as Douche of the Week, but honestly he’s in a whole other universe. Mickelson seems confused by the whole concept of allowing gay people to enjoy the American right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So here’s an easy cheat: If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offers up an opinion, take the other side.

All together now: What a douche!


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  • Dumdum

    I reckon god is punishin all them hethens over there in Afrika givin them the AIDS too. I bet they got it from them damned homos. And when The great pumpkin comes we will all get lots of candy and go right to heaven. In this age of knowledge and enlightenment how can there be so many stupid people? So much hate,ignorance and intolerance. We have schools universities books and even the internet. People living in caves know more than these idiots.It is like there brains have a filtering system that keeps the stuff out that they don’t want to know. If I believe it then it’s true. Like Santa and the Tooth Fairy. And people wonder why I am pissed off. It is crazy. A lot of Americans are lazy and stupid. Just like that Middle Eastern dick head is hateful and ignorant.

  • 2eo

    See how little difference there is between the muslim extremists and christian extremists. They will band together to get rid of Atheists and secular intelligence and morality because they are none of those things.

  • Ogre Magi

    @2eo: They are 2 rotten nuts from the same tree

  • Aidan8

    Some local-yokel on AM radio in Iowa spews his ignorance. Some wing-nut blogger in his basement spews his hate. Some douchebag “pastor” somewhere “preaches” ignorance….. I’m no Luddite, but sometimes I wonder if the world would be better off without the technological connectivity we now have. (I know, the good and true also gets out, along with the bad and the ugly) Maybe I’m just getting sick of the mantra about how evil and wrong I am…. Maybe I just need a coffee. :o

  • colourblind

    I’ve always said this. the beginning of world war III will be because of religious extremist.

  • Cam

    This is what we’ve been saying all along.

    There is no difference between the right wing Christian bigots and the hard core Muslim Clerics etc…

    The Right Wing here hates Muslims but only because they see them as a competing belief system because because they agree with much of the rules.

  • Charli Girl

    It took me years to figure out that MOST Christians are FAKE and ignorant!! But I’d have to agree they want it THEIR way or the hwy!! Too bad suckas!! This ain’t Burger King cupcake! Sux to b u n have to live in Iowa where all my sister and brothers can legally wed!! Bahahahahahaha Get a real job FAKE Christian!!

  • Shannon1981

    So sick of these religious blowhards. KEEP IT IN CHURCH,MOTHERFUCKERS! We don’t want what you’re selling. This is not a theocracy. Learn to live and let live.

    So glad atheism is on the rise and religion on the decline, to be swept away into the bowels of history where it belongs, never to be heard from again.

  • LubbockGayMale

    You know an Iowa guy is desperate for attention when he agrees with ‘an ay-rab’….. of course, gays are lowest of anyone on GOD’s earth, right? Talk about right-wing nut job, he’s a prime example.

  • DavidTheLeo

    A closed mind is an empty mind.

  • jackpapa

    Oh I disagree with your pick this week completely! I plowed Mickelson’s hole mercilessly and I gotta tell ya – he didn’t douche AT ALL!

  • Guillermo3

    @2eo: Great comments!,2eo !!!
    I would only add my wish that they were aliens too and
    will soon return to their mother ship.

  • jmmartin

    The way I see it, Ahmadena-jihad’s statement can only have origins in one thing: he’s been looking at gay porn and sites with gay parades, &c. on the internet. Why? Because he previously told us there were no gay people in Iran, something everyone knows to be 100% bullshit. If there are no homosexuals in Iran how did Ahmadena-jihad come to the opinion that gay sex is “ugly”? Perhaps he has tried it and did not like it. An old Arabic poem is said to have gone, “Women are fine but melons are better, and boys are best of all.” Dang me! I just got closer to a fatwa.

  • EGO

    Why don’t we send the Jan Mickelson types to live with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I bet he still believes the world is flat.

  • Greg

    I can only say that both Mickelson and Ahmahjenibob both know “ugly” first hand.

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