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Is Adam Lambert Finally Ready To Represent The Gays?


Last summer after the American Music Awards controversy, where he kissed a male bandmate on stage and received mock fellatio, Adam Lambert remained defiant and unapologetic to the 1,500 who filed official complaints with ABC, and the untold number of other viewers who found his conduct offensive, or whatever. “I remember thinking to myself,” the singer said in June, “as proud as I am to be a member of the gay and lesbian community, it’s not my job to paint a picture of the community. I’m only responsible for painting a picture of who I am as an individual. It was a confusing time, because as proud as I am, I’m not here to represent a group. I’m here to be an artist.” Now that’s all changed.

In an interview with Canada’s Entertainment Tonight, Lambert says his fame is “an amazing opportunity to be able to help people. It is more than the music. It’s a lifestyle thing. There isn’t a ton of viability for gays and lesbians.” Does that mean Adam is going to pick up where Lady Gaga left off? Hardly. For now, expect him to walk a few more red carpets for Gay Inc. events and deliver plenty of soundbites whenever the news cycle calls for them.

But his position that he’s not on this earth to make the gays look good appears to be softening.