Is Brandon McInerney Actually Going To, Like, Finally Face Trial For Executing Classmate Lawrence King?

After years of delays, former high schooler Brandon McInerney [pictured, left] is finally set to go to trial this summer for the 2008 shooting murder of his classmate Lawrence King, who McInerney is accused of executing in a computer class because King, 15, supposedly made a pass at his then-14-year-old classmate. (One shot to the head sent King to the floor, but that wasn’t enough: McInerney delivered a second shot to King’s head as he lay dying on the ground.) But first: jury selection! That carnival game begins next month, supposedly. During voir dire expect McInerney’s defense attorneys to ask potential jurors if they hold any biases toward people following a “racist skinhead philosophy.” Waiting more than three years for some justice, I’m sure King’s family will agree, is 1) ridiculous; 2) still worth it. McInerney maintains his innocence.