Is Brandon McInerney Actually Going To, Like, Finally Face Trial For Executing Classmate Lawrence King?

After years of delays, former high schooler Brandon McInerney [pictured, left] is finally set to go to trial this summer for the 2008 shooting murder of his classmate Lawrence King, who McInerney is accused of executing in a computer class because King, 15, supposedly made a pass at his then-14-year-old classmate. (One shot to the head sent King to the floor, but that wasn’t enough: McInerney delivered a second shot to King’s head as he lay dying on the ground.) But first: jury selection! That carnival game begins next month, supposedly. During voir dire expect McInerney’s defense attorneys to ask potential jurors if they hold any biases toward people following a “racist skinhead philosophy.” Waiting more than three years for some justice, I’m sure King’s family will agree, is 1) ridiculous; 2) still worth it. McInerney maintains his innocence.

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  • EdWoody

    How exactly can he “maintain his innocence” ? Surely the fact that he did it is not in question – it was in front of the entire class.

  • craig

    @EdWoody: At this point of a case an offender will plead innocent even when the facts are open and shut so he has some plea bargaining power (guilty pleas save trouble and expense so prosecutors can be willing to deal for them). His attorney will also be looking for possible defenses that could support him having done the murder but for some reason or other not being criminally responsible (insanity, etc).

  • valentine ghost

    Who isn’t biased one way or another towards someone that follows a “racist skinhead philosophy”? Either you’re biased against them, or you’re one of them. Who in their right mind is ‘just okay’ with something so cut and dry?

  • craig

    @valentine ghost: I believe Queerty was just joking about that.

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