Is It Time To Declare NOM A Hate Group?

In a column posted today, Alvin McEwen of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters unequivocally stated that “[the National Organization for Marriage] should be declared to be an anti-gay hate group.” We couldn’t agree more. But let’s look at his evidence…

Among his list of their hateful doings, he includes:

NOM flyer claiming that gay marriage will destroy the “innocence” of children: “Innocence” in this case of course means “rectums”

NOM aligns itself with the Minnesota Family Council which had material on its webpage falsely accusing the gay community of pedophilia, bestiality, and the consuming of urine and feces: The same lies that pastor Martin Ssempsa of Uganda uses to promote the “Kill the Gays” bill.

NOM’s Ruth Institute: “It Gets Better” Project “Aggressively Promotes Deviant Sex”: Because you can’t encourage young LGBTS not to kill themselves without also suggesting they become meth-blown bathhouse buttsluts.

NOM: says homosexuality will “hurt you badly,” “end your life prematurely”: Y’know because of AIDS and HIV which straight people never get.

NOM President claims marriage equality will “Normalize Pedophilia”: Because having consensual sex with a same-sex adult partner is the exact same thing as raping children, nevermind that most pedophiles that abuse children of the same-sex identify as heterosexual.

Plus, there’s NOM’s distortion of studies, their desire to set up a panel to persecute homosexual activists, and their desire to leave children rotting in orphanages on the taxpayer dime rather than allow them adoption with loving same-sex parents.

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters commenter Bob Barnes adds:

Let’s not forget how NOM is pumping up the animus and tension with the accusations that non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT are taking away religious liberties for others. This has been a frequent topic this year with NOM and is a hot topic on their blogs that brings on much anger with their followers.

Amen. The only difference is that NOM has it’s affiliated partners do all the name calling and dirty work for them. When NOM refers to homos as HIV-infected, poo-eating pedophiles who wanna outlaw marriage, they do so by linking to other publications that have done it first. They later refer to these as “studies” and “popular opinion.”

Southern Poverty Law Center, are you listening?

Image via WisPolitics.com

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