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Is this the End of the Line for Equality Maryland?

Not to cause a panic or anything, but to say that things seem “dire” at Equality Maryland is a bit of an understatement.

The last few months saw two surprising legislative failures — first to a marriage bill, then to a nondiscrimination bill.

And then there were weeks of contradictory statements and infighting, culminating in the announcement that they’re practically out of money. Gee, we can’t imagine why big donors are scared to chip in right now.

Other headlines making this week’s marriage roundup: the ticking clock in New York, civil unions starting this week in Illinois, and did you hear about the French politician who compared gay couples to bestiality? Maybe she doesn’t know what “gay” means, or she doesn’t know what bestiality is. Either way, someone should probably take her aside and clue her in.

After the jump: all those stories and more, courtesy of Marriage News Watch (a project of Queerty editor Matt Baume).

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  • adx

    There is a reality in the marriage equality fights which the anti-gay are not having any trouble facing — but the PRO-GAY ARE; and it is causing numerous casualties on the pro-gay side.

    The pro-gay are being so exceptionally stubborn about it that in the face of NO HOPE for marriage equality advances in this nation within the next few YEARS, they continue to insist, endlessly and stubbornly, that they are doing things right.

    It is this.

    The anti-gay have turned this into an exceptionally vicious, stubborn and savage right. In order to gain marriage equality, the pro-gay MUST REACT IN KIND. They are virulently unwilling to do this; they think that weepy messages of tolerance and pleas that others respect their humanity are going to work. They have been IGNORED and they will not work at any point in the future. The way the anti-gay SEE this issue makes them not care one whit about your messages of tolerance and your pleas.

    The pro-gay will not recognize this.

    The disaster known as “an attempt to gain marriage equality in Maryland” is just one casually. Next time you fight it, fight like you mean it and fight as savagely as you can by every legal means. In Minnesota, people camped out at the capitol and chanted for three days. You will NOT gain this — not in the face of anti-gay hysteria, which has no rational logic and no reason — without fighting like crazy.

    Learn the damn lesson and try again. I promise you that ignoring messages like this one will lead to further heartache and frustration. Get it through your heads. Thank you.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adx: Yes. Force and aggression is necessary. It’s all we’ve got left.

    But the vast majority of GLBT are too indifferent to really do anything about it, and are too willing to yield to bigotry and discrimination.

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