Is Tom Emmer’s Opposition to Marriage Equality Actually the Least Disgusting Thing About Him?

Tom Emmer, the Minnesota Republican gubernatorial hopeful who believes, like Target, that pharmacists should be able to deny medication to customers based on their personal beliefs, isn’t just a repulsive politician, arguing against marriage equality and even workplace benefits for gay staffers. He’s also a repulsive human being, as evidenced by his support of the rock band You Can Run But Cannot Hide Ministry. If it sounds like that’s a message aimed at homosexuals, well.

[Consumerist, Maddow]

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  • soakman

    Hoo boy. Nice people. Pretty sure I wouldn’t trust my children with them. Or, since I don’t have any, my nephews.


  • Rick Brannon

    I would kick that long-hair’s ass.

  • $0.02

    Hmm one of the many reasons I will not be voting for Emmer, and BTW I just love Rachel!

  • Jake

    Ha! The average gay has nothing on me. I molested AT LEAST 1,000 people before I was “found out”. You can just call me Super Fag! Not only that, but I (along with the rest of my cohorts in the gay agenda) have successfully destroyed the institution of marriage.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Bambam

    Let’s do the math. 117 people per gay. Gays make up 4% (guesstimation, but I think pretty close). That means 24 straights to 1 gay. 117 divide by 24 equals just under 5. These means every straight person has been molested 5 time. If we take a top end number, 10%, and do the math (117 divided by nine) we get thirteen exactly. How do you cover up everyone being molested thirteen times? Our we also the illuminati, freemasons, martians, or what evers in vogue now?

    To be fair, I suppose that’s why the “nice people” are so messed up.

  • Ricky Wuz Here

    I’m curious to where Bradleeeeeeeee gets his information. My guess… his ass after he’s been enjoying the view in there.

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