Is Uganda’s President Museveni The One Pushing to Eliminate the Death Penalty Provision?


“Likely to be removed” is how the Canadian Press is describing the death penalty sentencing in Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The move comes as President Yoweri Museveni is expressing concern that executing gays is, in fact, too harsh a penalty, and he’s “encouraged his ruling National Resistance Movement Party to overturn the death sentence provision, which would apply to sexually active gays living with HIV or in cases of same-sex rape.” The life imprisonment aspect? Yeah, still in there. Scott Lively will be so pleased.

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  • romeo

    Life imprisonment, or any imprisonment, for being born gay? We know who’s mainly responsible in this country for all this hell coming down in other countries for gay people. We must never let up on these religious Nazis here. We can make their lives in America a living hell for this. No peace for us, no peace for them. The ones responsible are few in number. There are many more of us.

    Start with the law. Sue, in America and in International courts. Expose their own sins. Look for the dirt. Harass them and humiliate them.

    Never let up on these smiling murderers. Let’s plan…

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I like this, Romeo. America’s Christian Extremists are at the root of this — all the dots have been connected. If they want to smear us abroad inciting the oppression and murder of the gays of the world, then let them confess their sins in court.

    It would help if more good Christians in America stopped supporting and stood up to the charismatic, decidedly un-Christian loonies in their midst; which is not unlike the good Muslims who are deathly afraid to speak out against their own extremist, bloodthirsty nuts.

  • terrwill

    All of a sudden this ignorant savage realizes that the
    bullshit being spoon fed to him by the frightwing lunatics
    is putting the foreign aid to his cesspool of a country in

    >>>Once again we need an org who’s only mission is
    to investigate the lives of these asshats whom it seems only
    cause in life is to see the Gay community being herded into
    gas chambers. Rattle their closets til the skeletons begin
    pouring out and then parade those skeletons about for all
    to see. Let’s see what transgressions Scott Liveley commmited
    during his drug fueled benders. Do this a few times and let
    them know that the light will shine very brightly on their
    lives and misdeeds and they are going to be brought into
    said light in a very public way and I am sure you will
    suddenly see a deafening silence from these lunatics……..

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Yesterday the BBC’s website had an article about human sacrifice of children in Uganda. What a wonderful place it must be.

  • terrwill

    There are bunch ‘o stories suddenly comming out regarding
    the new delicacy being served in uganda, It seems in order
    to gain power, they are kidnapping, killing and eating their
    own. And being one can only assume that as with veal, the
    meat is best when carved from young specimens. they seem to
    be concentrating on feasting on the children of uganda.
    Sent link to Queerts, hopefully they will post.

    Gee I wonder how well this is gonna go with the frightwing
    lunatics who have been taking field trips to uganda to urge
    the beginnings of the gay genocide……..

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