It’s Time To Honor The Lesbians And Trans Women Who Served Under DADT

Although Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is finally history, during its lifetime women got discharged at much higher rates than men. So let’s take a second to honor some of our lesbian and trans sisters who served in the Armed Forces during the ban—and let’s jam out to the lesbian hip-hop duo God-Des and She while doing it.

In the song God-Des says, “It’s up to us y’all. Our generation is way too complacent. We have a war going on and so many of us are not free. It’s time that we take a stand and come together and don’t just talk revolution—act revolution. Stand up, c’mon.”

Truly a great tune. Now if we can just repeal DOMA and get trans acceptance in the military, then we’ll really have a great occasion for dancing.

Via GLAAD Blog

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  • Freid

    Um… you do realize the ban still remains on transgender/transsexual members, right?

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Freid: We knew, but we’ve made sure to mention it in the post thanks to your excellent reminder.

  • Wh1t


    Thank you for bringing this up (I was about to, but then I decided to read the comments to see if anyone else had.).

    @Daniel Villarreal:
    Thanks for mentioning trans people in the armed forces.

  • Hamburger Helper

    “Transwomen”? These are transmen.

  • WIes

    Nice thing ^___^

    It’s good to see you Americans catching up with the others!
    I’m from the Netherlands where these things are common now.
    It’s still sadning that you still have to fight for marriage equality..
    Here it got to a point that if you don’t wan’t to do same sex mariages you have no buisness marrying anyone anymore.
    As far as non-church marriages are concerned anyway :D

    Keep the pase up America! It’s getting better n better :D

  • Ginasf

    There’s absolutely nothing in the original link which mentions trans women. That was evidently thrown in by Daniel who, in the process of trying to honor queer women who were in the service, has pretty much mislabeled and misgendered people. Par for the course at Queerty.

    Btw, there have been a huge number of trans women who, prior to transitioning, served in the military, including as officers and ‘lifers’. And there were a number of them who were booted out due to their gender issues. And honestly, now that DADT has been repealed, the likelihood trans people are going to be able to serve (as they do in Canada) isn’t too likely for years to come.

  • Max the Communist

    How cool for Queerty and GLAAD to honor lesbian and transwomen. But bisexual women–what are we? Chopped liver?

    Don’t tell me that no bi women have served in our military or that absolutely none got thrown out because of DADT. That’s just statistically not possible.

  • Sgt Lesbian

    God forbid we simply honor Lesbians without tacking on people who served as heterosexual males. Transwomen have nothing to do with DADT.

  • Laughriotgirl

    @Sgt Lesbian: What trans women? there are a grand total of ZERO trans women in the video. There are trans men in the video.

  • Dave

    There’s still a ban on Trans people in the military.

    Why did Queerty do an article on Lesbians, gay men, and even trans people but not mention any bisexual men who were part of getting rid of DADT and who were kicked out because of DADT?

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