Jeremy’s Journey Continues

Minnesota “manorexic” Jeremy Gillitzer won’t be celebrating the holidays with his family. The former model – who we first met last October – has found himself forcibly committed to Minneapolis’ Eating Disorder Institute.

Just days after the original City Pages story ran, two social workers showed up on Jeremy’s apartment, setting off a series of events that landed Jeremy in the strict program. The issue first crossed our desk earlier this month, when Jack Jett, who contacted Jeremy after the original story, passed on Jeremy’s distressing voice mail:

Hello Jack, This Jeremy calling… I don’t really care if I live or die, and I don’t want you to tell any of the nurses as they will put more restrictions on me. I wonder if there is anyway you could help me. I just need some relief from the pain and suffering I am going through.

Jett’s had a steady conversation with Jeremy ever since. Our editor has also been in contact with the 36-year old.

We’ve included transcripts from some of these conversations, after the jump. Before you go on, let it be known that we originally questioned whether the state has the right to hospitalize Jeremy against his will. We here at Queerty are vehemently against the death penalty. Our view isn’t so much based in the sanctity of life argument, although it could be, but revolves primarily around whether the state has the right to end someone’s life. We say no. There are some parallels Jeremy’s situation: does the state have the right to interfere with someone who’s starving themselves. After much soul-searching – and tossing out a bit of political ideology – we’ve concluded that, yes, Minneapolis officials have the right – and obligation – to hold Jeremy until he’s back in good health.

Give the transcripts a read and we’re certain you’ll agree.

Also, we’d like to note that we contacted one of the hospital’s social workers. A spokesperson soon emailed our editor to say the hospital has no comment on the story.