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Jim Jordan is sure acting like a guy who knows he’s totally 100% screwed

For someone who purports to have a law degree and has been working in politics for the last 27 years, you’d think Jim Jordan would have a better idea of how subpoenas work.

(In Gym’s defense, even though he has a Juris Doctor from the Capital University Law School, in 2018, he admitted that he never passed the bar exam… mainly because he never bothered taking it in the first place.)

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The anti-LGBTQ congressman told the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack this week that he might consider complying with the subpoena they sent him, but only if he can see what dirt they have on him first.

“Because your subpoena is an unprecedented use of a committee’s compulsory authority against another member,” Jordan said in a six-page letter to the committee, “I respectfully ask for the following material so that I may adequately further respond to your subpoena.”

To be clear, that’s not how subpoenas work. You either comply with them or you risk being held in contempt. They are non-negotiable and you don’t get a preview of what questions you might be asked ahead of time so you can tailor your testimony accordingly.

In his letter, Jordan, who had at least one phone call with Donald Trump on January 6, also called the subpoena “unprompted” and “plainly unreasonable.”

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Adding a layer of stupidity to this whole thing is that fact that the committee asked for the former college wrestling coach to appear voluntarily back in January, but he refused. So none of this is “unprompted.” And if he really wanted to negotiate, he should have tried five months ago when he still had a little bargaining power.

The committee hasn’t said what it plans to do next, but Jordan has already taken to Twitter to try and distract people from the whole thing by spouting Republican platitudes.

When in doubt, talk about faith, family, and freedom.

Unfortunately for Jordan, most people are seeing right through his act. Now, the responses…

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