Jimmy Fallon slides into Steve Kornacki’s office…with scary results

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon joined the chorus of adoring voices over MSNBC “map daddy” Steve Kornacki this week. During a segment on The Tonight Show, Fallon surprised Kornacki in his office…and ended up on cleaning duty.

“We once went into his office just to interview him, and it is a mess,” Fallon told his audience.

Footage then showed Fallon navigating the MSNBC office space to find Kornacki’s digs…which were a dreadful mess, chock full of wrappers, boxes, papers and discarded neckties.

“Has he been living in here?” Fallon wondered as he began rifling through the carnage.

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At a certain point, Fallon then just began shoving papers and random objects into trash bags by the armload. He also attempted to pull an elaborate lattice of scotch tape of a ceiling vent, but aborted when he feared the entire ceiling would collapse.

“You’re welcome, Steve,” Fallon said as he exited the office. “Take a break, you’ve earned it.”

A hidden camera then caught Kornacki’s reaction as he reentered the office. He first wandered the room dazed, before noticing a note from Fallon.

“Dear Steve,” he read. “I thought 2020 was a dumpster fire, and then I saw your office. I just want you to know how much we appreciate you. Here’s to more fun in 2021.”

“PS,” Fallon added. “Learn how to tie your ties.” The statement was a reference to scores of pre-tied neckties the late-night host found strewn about the office.

“Thank you. This is long overdue,” Kornacki said in a message to Fallon. “I appreciate it, it will probably last about a day or two.”

Steve Kornacki, the openly-gay MSNBC statistician, rose to stardom during the 2020 election. Kornacki’s marathon 44-hour nonstop coverage of the election earned him a devoted fanbase, and the nicknames “map daddy,” “chartthrob” and “KorSnacki.” His newfound popularity prompted NBC to hire him as a network sports commentator and People later named him one of the “Sexiest Men Alive.”