Actor John Barrowman has admitted to “tomfoolery” following accusations that he used to regularly expose himself to cast and crew members on the set of Doctor Who.

The 51-year-old actor was responding to a 2014 video from a sci fi convention that resurfaced late last week. In it, actor Noel Clarke accuses him of taking “his d*ck out every five minutes” when they worked together on this hit British series.

Later in the video, he asks his co-star Camille Coduri if she remembers “that time he put it on your shoulder in the makeup truck?” to which the actress replies, “Yes, I do.”

Several sources tell The Guardian that Barrowman would often expose himself on set, but they described it as “larking about” and “joking.” Still, it made them “uncomfortable.”

One source said the actor would “get his genitals out on a regular basis … he’d just sort of have his balls hanging out his trousers or something, which he just thought was really funny.”

On one occasion, the source says, she witnessed Barrowman “slapping” his penis on the windscreen of one of the driver’s cars, “thinking it was really funny.”

Another source said he would “call me into his dressing room, and I would knock on the door and he’d say, ‘Oh, look at this’, and he’d just have his willy out, standing in the doorway.”

“It was kind of accepted that it was his thing.”

In a statement, Barrowman admitted to engaging in “tomfoolery” on the set of both Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood, but he said that he no longer behaves that way in the workplace.

He went on to claim that his “high-spirited behavior” was “only ever intended in good humor to entertain colleagues on set and backstage.”

“With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behavior and I have apologized for this previously,” he said.

In 2008, Barrowman had to issue an apology after he pulled down his pants during an interview with BBC Radio 1, saying he “went too far” when getting into “the light-hearted and fun banter of the show.”

In his new statement this week, he reiterated that “since my apology in November 2008, my understanding and behavior have also changed.”

Despite his apology, many fans are deeply disappointed in Barrowman…

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