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  • craig

    Maybe all you bloggers could bring and AK-47 or a similar firearm to the event and wipe out all these A ListLosers. Im kidding of course, but it would be doing the Gay World a huge favor if it WERE to happen.

    They are pathetic. They are queeny. They are not funny. They are bad for questioning gay youth. They are not role models. They are very woman-ish. Logo this show is really awful. Cancel it please, for all of us…

  • gregger

    I find them all awful. We’ve watched twice and will not watch again. I liked the Event more and will not watch that either. Could we send the gAy List girls to some other reality?

  • Black Pegasus

    I would rather volunteer to clean public bathrooms before watching one damn minute of the vapid shit fest!

    No thanks!

  • professor Moriarty

    Out of all the cast members, I think Mike Ruiz is the only true “A Lister” . I’ve seen him on a few other shows as well. I like him because he strikes me as the most successful and least catty of the bunch. He hasn’t been involved in any of the drama and seems much more humble than the rest. This is a show I love to hate, but the boyfriend and I sit down and watch it every week.

    P.S. we dislike Derek very much and wait for his downfall with much anticipation.

  • Paul

    We are still in Daylight Saving Time, Standard time starts Nov 7th. So is tonight’s blog really starting at 11pm? (10pm EST = 11pm EDT)

  • Cam

    Ok Look, I’m just going to say it.

    Austin is obviously a hustler. He has no job, no source of income, met and dated Marc Jacobs, who’s ex acknowledged he was a hustler.

    Then the guy says that he was living in England, but legally couldn’t work there…, yet he could afford to live there for nearly a year?? I mean come on. How big a brush does he have to paint it with?

  • Fitz

    Not on a bet.

    Unless I knew someone was going to die– and I mean really die, not get voted off the island, would I be there.

  • Damien


  • TommyOC

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got puppies to drown, kittens to skin, or any number of other activities less dehumanizing than watching this show.

  • ewe

    You mean to tell me this is not even a real place i can visit? I am being offered a virtual “glittery unicorn drink” too? I am gonna have to pass. thanks anyway.

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