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Josh Hawley just got served a heaping dump of bad news about his reelection chances

Josh Hawley being interviewed in his office wearing a dark suit jacket with white dress shirt and blue tie.

Josh Hawley is in trouble.

U.S. Senate hopeful Lucas Kunce and his killer thighs are catching up to the unpopular incumbent.

New polling out of Missouri only shows Hawley leading Kunce 46 to 42, which is within the 4.9% margin of error.

That suggests Kunce could be in prime shape to pull off an upset, and send one of the Senate’s biggest bloviators home. Gulp.

How will our young men survive?! Hawley, in case you don’t know, is the paragon of manhood. He’s even written a masculinity manifesto.

But the quick-footed senator may be on the outs.

The new numbers out of Missouri align with Hawley’s approval-disapproval ratings, which were clocked at nearly 50-50 in August (47% of survey respondents said they approved of the job Hawley has been doing on their behalf, compared to 45% who said they disapproved).

In another positive sign, Kunce raised more money than Hawley in Q3, bringing in $1.5 million.

Kunce’s viability is a big boon for Democrats, who are facing a challenging Senate map next year. Joe Manchin’s retirement all but all but ensures Republicans will pick up at least one seat in West Virginia, if not more.

But a couple of Senate races in red states with very unpopular incumbents could be wild cards. Ted Cruz will likely face a tough reelection campaign against Rep. Colin Allred, an ex-NFL linebacker with a strong bipartisan track record.

Allred has reportedly raised $10.9 million since declaring his candidacy in May, according to the Texas Tribune, almost $2 million more than Cruz over the same period.

Kunce, the expected winner of the Democratic primary, is also facing a beleaguered Republican. Smarmy and dislikable, Hawley seems determined to embarrass himself at every Senate hearing.

Just last week, he tried to smear Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as antisemitic, even though his mother was a Holocaust survivor.

Hawley’s line of attack went as well as imagined.

Prior to that, Hawley used a hearing about name-image-likeness issues among college athletes to rant about women’s locker rooms and trans athletes.

Hmm… demonizing a marginalized group. That doesn’t seem very manly!

If you don’t believe us, ask Jon Hamm.

Earlier this year, Kunce released an attack ad narrated by the actor, who’s from the Show-Me State.

“Jon Hamm’s got a message for Missouri,” Kunce tweeted, along with the video. “If you want to be told about ‘Manhood,’ Josh Hawley wrote a book about it. But if you want a Marine veteran fighting for you and everyday Missourians in the U.S. Senate, then join us.”

Kunce, a 13-year Marine vet who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, first rose to gay political prominence in 2022, when he shared a photo of himself running in a pair of short-shorts… sparking an online fury.

We know that thicc thighs save lives. Could muscular thighs… save democracy?

While Kunce lost the 2022 Democratic primary for Missouri’s then-open Senate seat, he announced his campaign against Hawley.

On LGBTQ+ issues, the candidates’ differences couldn’t be more stark.

Unlike Hawley, Kunce supports outlawing conversion therapy at the federal level and has said he would support the Equality Act. He has also vowed to help end violence against trans people and stand up for gender affirming care for trans youth.

Given Missouri’s political landscape, Hawley is still the favorite. But Democrats continue to outperform expectations, as Tuesday’s results showed.

Kunce, and his thighs, are off to the races.

At least Hawley has experience when it comes to scurrying away

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