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K-Town‘s Muscled Hunk Peter Le Won’t Say If He’s Gay, But He Would Definitely Play One on X-Rated TV

Peter Le has already been dubbed, unfortunately, as “The Situasian” given his abs’ starring role on K-Town, Los Angeles’ Asian-American version of MTV’s The Jersey Shore. He also did some solo jerk-off porn and won’t label his sexuality. is the homepage of the bodybuilder and Playgirl and Freshmen — and Queerty Morning Goods — model, which shows how far Le already has a jump on Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, whose career will soon be headed there. But it’s not like Le is hiding his past: Despite being cast in the show, the site is still online, and one click gets you to full frontal nudity and masturbating, including to gay porn magazines. And while he’ll speak openly about his, ahem, modeling career, one thing that he won’t say much about is who he’s into: “Oh, sexual orientation? I try not to label myself,” he tells a blog in a May interview. At the time, he said, “My next move, at least what I’ve discussed with my webmaster, is to start doing jack off videos.” But: “I’m also thinking would it hurt my career as well, just recently I did a casting call for a MTV thing, called Ktown.”

But that Simon Rex did jack off videos before MTV, and look where it got him!

Not that Le is taking hardcore off the table: “I would probably do both [gay and straight porn], I like getting publicity and attention from both areas.” So neither gay nor straight, just vain. Fine by me. He can go by “The Situgasian.”

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  • SouLKid

    who cares?

  • Bob

    Just do a search on Google ‘Peter Le nude’ and wow…hot!!!!

  • Blaine Ward

    Most often, when a guy “won’t label his sexuality”, he’s gay. Duh!

  • Jack E. Jett

    life is way too short for someone so….so so… play the gay gayme.

    tired with a capital T

  • scott ny'er

    k-town? mtv? asians? Interesting. I’m not certain how I feel about having Asians on a Jersey Shore like MTV show.

    In any case. @Bob: Thanks, Bob. I did as you suggested and ummm. WOW. He does have an amazing body. Very defined. Over the top kind of body building. And unlike some big, beefy body builders, he seems to have a pretty decent size one for those who like that.

  • Factfag

    Part of the application for the show asks:(8) Are there any nude or other revealing or compromising images of you that are available publicly either through the Internet, video or otherwise? If so, please describe and explain.
    He has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Acorn

    He is gay when it pays to be gay.

  • Blaine Ward

    @scott ny’er: Actually, no, he doesn’t. I have the Playgirl issue in which he appeared and his cock is small to low average at best.

  • Devon

    As an Asian male I’ve always been disappointed with our lack of representation on TV and I’ve always wanted better recognition for us in the American media……But this is like one of those old genie stories. You know, the ones where somebody makes a wish, but because they phrased something the wrong way the genie gives them what they want but it comes out horribly, horribly wrong. This is gonna set the entire race back by at least 10 years.

    Peter Le is a damn fine piece of man though. And thankfully I can see him nude on the internet at any time so I don’t have to bother tuning in to this crapfest.

  • jimmy

    He’s a lot more attractive then “the situation”.

  • Phil

    “The Situation” has poor ab genetics, it’s not his fault. (It’s his parent’s that he’s ugly.)

  • jimmy

    @Phil: He’s not inherently ugly. He’s just really not as attractive and less in shape that he would like to believe.

  • unclemike

    Peter Le is hot.

    End of story.

  • Ryan

    Straight guys are never concerned with “labels”. He’s gay.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve truly never seen anyone as narcissist as this guy. He is so caught up with his image that he can’t even make up his mind. He has an entire website dedicates only to his hot body and his tiny penis. His parents must be very proud of his two-dimensional son.

    PS: this guy cited “Tila Tequila” as his dream girl. That’s alone makes me ashamed to be a Vietnamese American.

  • Jeff K.

    I’d gladly make half-Asian babies with him!

  • Michael

    @Devon: Asian males under represented on American TV? You’re kidding, right?

  • Phil

    Name a few Asian male lead actors. Do it. See how many you can get to before you have to start naming kung-fu action stars.

  • SG

    He’s hot as hell. Love his voice.

  • jason

    Why on earth should he label his sexuality? He’s clearly stated he’s versatile, so take what you want from it. Stop insisting that male-male sexuality must always be confined to the “gay” identity.

    Also, why label yourself according to such a narrow focus as sexuality? Sexuality is important but it’s a very narrow focus on which to identify yourself. As a male acquaintance once said to me: I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m not bi…I’m a personality.

  • nikko

    JASON,male-male sexuality is what then, if not gay?

  • jason

    In reference to homosexuality, the word ‘gay” is actually an invented meaning. The real meaning of “gay” is “happy”.

    Even if one were to accept the invented meaning, it has come to be such a flawed paradigm that it doesn’t make sense anymore. For instance, does the word “gay” refer to the person or to the activity? The fact that it’s used for both proves that it’s a flawed paradigm.

    For instance, if I say “I’m a gay”, I’m using the word as a noun. In this sense, it is vastly different from saying “I engaged in gay activity”. When one word can have more than one form of usage, you know its use is flawed.

  • javier

    I understand why people get upset when someone who is ostensibly non-heterosexual denies ever being attracted to or involved with someone of the same sex. However, I do not understand why some GAYS get upset when a person who admits they are attracted to or have had experiences with the same sex does NOT identify as “gay.” Likewise, I don’t see why SOME gays get so upset about guys who identify as bisexual, open, or simply say they are open to guys and chicks. For some, gay identity should be the goal of all same-sex attracted people, including bisexuals. I disagree. Gay identity will only be embraced by a minority of men who are attracted to or have had sexual experiences with other men. The goal should be for men to admit their attractions, desires, and experiences without fear of disdain, even if they do not identify as gay. TO many men, gay identity will always be a nonstarter, even if they are open about same-sex attractions.

  • Jamaal

    Male-Male sexuality can be bisexual, heteroflexible, or pansexual. Moreover, you can have a straight male-transgender male pairing.


    @Blaine Ward: If ya use the Googles images what I see certainly would not be considered “small” on any body….puts the myth to rest that all Asian dudes have tiny tools. (I personally have done a fair amount of “hands on” research and I can certainly attest to the falsehood of it :-p)

  • Marcus

    To say he’s purely gay is too easy and a bit closed-minded. I do agree, though, the dude is not straight–“I don’t like to label myself,” is usually a dead giveaway.


    What in the hell is Heteroflexible?

  • Jeffree

    Peter Le is hot. If he’s willing to “do gay & str8”, um, “pro-no-graphity” he’s bi. No big deal. [words altered to avoid mooderation]

    The K-Town show premise sounds like a trainwreck–and the Jersey Shore folks are on strikedown– but can’t judge it till it’s aired.

    @Phil #18. You’re right. I can’t think of any male Asian leads. Takei, supporting cast. BD Wong, same. Bobbie Lee, funny, but not a leading man. Keanu Reeves is about all I got & well, he doesn’t really pass muster.

    Women? We got Lucy Liu & Gong Li. Who else am I missing?

    Yul Brenner lied about his heritage so he doesn’t count.

    @Plays Well with Cousins: I share and agree with your research results. Where u been?

  • nikko

    @javier: One word: homophobia. Men lie about sexuality all the time( ex. gay-for-pay), and most men are petrified of homosexuality, so they’ll claim anything but the gay label. Straight, gay, bi is the full spectrum and why it’s so complicated for most people is ridiculous. Why can’t someone say “mostly gay(Kinsey5) or mostly straight(Kinsey2)? I’ll tell you;fear and laziness. Why wouldn’t you understand why gay men get upset when a man who has sex with men(MSM?) does not identify as gay/bi? What else would he be? His self identity is false because he refuses to see himself as he really is, no? I just don’t get how in this day, even gays try to diminish very real same sex attractions. Very offensive. Homophobia is alive and well as always.


    @Jeffree: J, how did you know about my cousin Chris??? :-p Took a vacay from all the usual haunts includin’ Queerty St………..

  • Jeffree

    Does Ken Wanatable count? He co-stars in DiCaprio’s latest flick: Inception.
    Oh wait, no he doesn’t: he’s a co-star.

    @Plays Well with Chris: # 29.
    Dude, glad you’re back from the vaca.
    What you need to realize is that Chris *shows up* for 4 p.m. brunch! You, not so much……

  • Blaine Ward

    Pics can be photoshopped, you idiot! He was average at best in the November 2001 Playgirl. Big on google but average in 2001? Hmmmmmm!

  • jason


    I agree that men’s self-identity is influenced heavily by homophobia. Homophobia skews self-identity towards the straight side of the ledger. This means that men who are bisexually oriented will often identify as straight.

  • Jayson

    @Phil it’s true Asian men are mostly cast in secondary roles, such as John Cho on the show Flashforward, and Tim Kang on The Mentalist, I was just talking about this with my Vietnamese friend, and he wonders why no show has ever to his or my knowledge cast an Asian person as the lead, male or female.

    Peter Le, can call himself whatever he chooses, the truth will always come out, gay or straight, he is a hot man, with a nice bod and big manhood, let him have his show, and when it’s over he can make more porn for us.

  • jack

    The footage I’ve seen so far is an outsider’s point of view, showing what they think ktown is all about. Most of the guys are not muscled up like that. But leave it to MTV to create a fictional reality.

  • RickyRicardo

    His dick looks like a spring roll.

  • Philip a,

    I hate the gay guys who are saying that “I’m not this, I’m not that. Don’t label me…” eventually he’s just GAY!

  • Jeffree

    Newspaper could be wrong but “K-Town” still reportedly hasn’t yet been “picked up” by MTV (latimes) so this show may be a “no-go”.

  • Phil

    Just to be sure, I wasn’t complaining about a lack of asian male leads in particular but about a lack of nonwhite leads in the film industry. I can accept that minorities are underrepresented because we are minorities, but to not show up at all shows a certain, how shall I say, reluctance, to cast outside of the traditionally masculine, white-male lead. I do believe that this will eventually change but the fake outrage about a true statement just galled me.

    Oh, that’s another problem Hollywood has. Their “homely” characters are never truly so. Take off their glasses and any nerdy girl is suddenly stunning. And the nerdy male? You just gotta believe that, if he doesn’t already have a built figure underneath his nerdshirt at the beginning of the movie, he’ll have one by the end. Because scrawny guys can never pull off heroics, right? An especially irritating example to me was the movie Badass. You could tell he worked out even while he was supposed to be scrawny nerd.

  • Al

    I went to school and use to hang out with Peter Le at Fresno State…. he was always a nice guy

  • scott ny'er

    @Al: ok. but was he gay?

    i’m wondering if this show was or was NOT picked up by MTV or some other outlet. Not that I would watch it. But it would be nice exposure for Asians.

  • Tyrome

    @Blaine Ward:
    ACTUALLY, i’ve seen his video Morning Hard On. IT’S PRETTY BIG. you can’t photoshop frame by frame the size of a penis. and I’M BLACK!!!

  • jusanuses696969

    he’s gay

  • Maz

    He was already a famous figure in the gay community before he was on K-Town. Quite frankly, he’s a sellout not only to the gay community but also to the Asian community. He disgusts me now.

  • Jess

    Peter is NOT gay. I know this for a fact. I know his gf too. But I think it’s wrong when he pretends to be gay to take the money from gays. Also, he is pretty stupid to be talked into doing all this gay porn. Beauty fades but stupid is forever.

  • koan

    Im afraid if we dont hear it from his own mouth then im afraid his sexuality will remain ambiguouse. And that makes no sense , how could someone talk you into doing that makes apsolutely no sense. And besides i think he is gay or possibly bi , cause like blain ward said , a person who’s sexually secure has no problem with being labeld. And i dont know many straight people who wont come out as simply being stright so yeah ambiguouse .

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