Kicking Lesbians Out For Kissing: The Hot, New Homophobic Trend?

Remember the lesbian couple approached by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant after a few other customers complained about their “excessive” kissing? Well, a similar event has occured at The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis. Only this time Teresa Folds and her girlfriend Juleigh Snell got approached by security after receiving complaints of the two kissing in the rooftop Jacuzzi.

Is this another case of a company reacting too quickly to homophobic customer complaints or a case of lesbians making out with no regard to the comfort of others?

Like the Southwest case, Snell and Folds contend that they were just kissing, not mugging down hardcore. But since we have no footage of said kissing, we can never know. We do know however that after a security guard and hotel manager asked the couple to stop kissing, they continued to do so, at which point a security guard came over, asked them to leave, and then eventually escorted them out when the pool closed at 8pm.

The hotel said that they forbid heterosexual kissing on their property as well and state:

“The Four Seasons respects the behaviors of our guests, except where doing so may… create tensions among people. This was the case on the night in question, as our staff received several complaints about the guests’ behavior. I can assure you that the gender of the couple was never at issue.”

This statement sounds almost identical to Southwest’s statement that they approached the lesbian couple because of customer complaints, not because of their gender.

But did the lesbians in both cases take a heroic stand by refusing to accede to the comfort of uptight straights or did they just wanna make out, appropriateness be damned? Perhaps we can start by answering the following question: would you feel comfortable if you saw heterosexuals repeatedly kissing in a nearby Jacuzzi or plane seat? Would you complain if it seemed like they’d never stop?

Since these things tend to happen in threes, we should expect to hear another case of kicked-out kissing lesbians soon—it’s basically a scientific law.

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  • Riker

    Yeah, I’d feel uncomfortable if I saw two breeders making out endlessly in public. Same goes for lesbians and gay men (though I might make an exception if they were hot).

  • Michael


    That kind of attitude is what BREEDS more intolerance and issues with 2 people kissing in public.In all honesty that shows an insecurity or issue on your part if that bothers you to begin with .

  • John

    I find the two women pretty obnoxious in the interview. I would not want to watch anybody making out in public, gay or straight, in a public hot tub. It seems to me that they are just trying to make trouble.

  • Syl

    Goddamn, it’s kissing! If you find it gross, look away! No one’s holding your head and prying your eyes open! If it’s not hurting you-damaging your body, your property, or infringing your fundamental rights-it shouldn’t be illegal. And the Four Season’s policies don’t forbid it, beyond possibly causing “tension”. But again, if it was a straight couple, there’d be no issue, and that’s the problem.

  • lemon-lime

    @Syl: I’m generally with you, but if these chicks were all over each other and being overly sexual (making moaning noises, etc.) in the hot tub, that’s pretty gross and they should have stopped when asked to. If they just giggling and giving each other little pecks and weren’t having a full-on makeout session, then good on ’em and keep up the good fight!

  • SuperCat

    I’m sure their gender was an issue with most of the complaints.

    Sure a heterosexual couple may be complaints if they really go at it, but I don’t it takes little more then a peck for same sex couples to get people whining.

  • I never go to hotels anyway

    First, it is quite easy to make up complaints. Second, in the event that there really were complaints, it is unlikely that there would have been any if the couple had been heterosexual.

  • jason

    Yes, I would complain regardless of the gender combination. I often go to a spa in a beachside suburb that is quite large. I get quite offended when I see PDA’s. I even complained once to the manager, informing him that I didn’t want to be taking a spa in other people’s bodily fluids.

    The old adage holds here: go find a room.

  • Mav

    I have three words that are applicable to folks like this, regardless of their sexuality or gender:


  • Michael

    My god people are such prudes nowadays 2 straights kissing does not bother you and even more HYPOCRITICAL is 2 people of the same sex kissing SHOULDN’T bother any of you.Talk about hypocrisy its exactly those kind of childish juvenile intolerant and ignorant attitudes that APPLAUD discrimination as if we DESERVE it for showing affection to one another as ANY loving couple whether straight or gay DO in this world.

    Public or not public get over it keep on walking or pay attention to someone else if it makes you SICK insecure or that uncomfortable.Ugh such prudish attitudes thats shocking to see from this community period.

  • tallest

    Such bullshit, fuck that hotel.

    And fuck prudence. short of having sex in public it’s no one’s business, whether they were having a full on make out session complete with moaning and fondling, or just kissing as couples often do. same sex or no, it doesn’t make a difference, make love not stupid bullshit problems from nowhere.

  • Mav

    I don’t think it’s prudish to not want to see someone dry-humping in public, especially at a hotel when there are plenty of rooms available to get your Marvin Gaye on in, and especially in a hot tub which other people should feel comfortable enough to use at the same time as you – it’s a *public* space.

    And no, it’s not okay when straight couples do it either. It’s trashy.

    Last time I went to the beach I couldn’t use the hot tub at my condo the *entire time* because there was always this one (straight) couple making out in it. I didn’t complain at the time, but in retrospect I should have.

    I paid for the right to use that hot tub, and I didn’t get to use it because I didn’t want to feel like I was sitting on the end of someone’s bed during a foreplay session.

    That IS infringing on my rights.

  • Michael


    Your response is an assumption as neither you nor I know that that even happened to begin with.You are merely making assumptions of what you believed happened in this scenario.Not to mention if they were feeling each other up or dry humping they would have been kicked out the first time they would not have waited 3 times which is how many times the guard came up to them.

    This was discrimination and it was based solely on these 2 women being gay same sex unbelievable that people like you continue to let that pass right by you.

  • Michael


    Pardon me my apologies I meant your response is speculation and solely speculation.

  • Mav


    “This was discrimination and it was based solely on these 2 women being gay same sex unbelievable that people like you continue to let that pass right by you.”

    ^ This is an assumption on YOUR part. As you’ve already admitted, neither you nor I know what really happened.

    If the guard had to come up to them three times, they should have *stopped*. They got kicked out for continuing behavior they had already been warned about, both by security and the hotel manager. I don’t blame the hotel.

    If I was a security guard – just doing my job to protect the comfort of ALL guests – and I told someone to stop doing something and they flat-out ignored me, I would run them up the chain too.

  • the crustybastard

    In my perfect world…

    CUSTOMER: There are two people kissing over there.

    EMPLOYEE: Yes, that would appear to be the case.

    CUSTOMER: It’s disgusting.

    EMPLOYEE: I’m sorry you feel that way. Perhaps a cocktail would help you relax?

    CUSTOMER: Make them stop!

    EMPLOYEE: Like you, they are also our valued guests. I could no more force them to stop kissing than I could force you to start.

    CUSTOMER: I want to speak to your manager.

    MANAGER: You asked to speak to me?

    CUSTOMER: There are two people kissing over there.

    MANAGER: Yes, that would appear to be the case.

    CUSTOMER: It’s disgusting.

    MANAGER: I’m sorry you feel that way. Perhaps a cocktail would help you relax?

    CUSTOMER: Make them stop!

    MANAGER: Like you, they are also our valued guests. I should no more force them to stop kissing than I should force you to start.

    CUSTOMER: Fine. Gimme a Jack and Coke.

    MANAGER: Excellent choice.

  • scott ny'er

    here’s the litmus test. If it was hetero couple doing the same exact thing, would there be this same situation?

    why is it that we don’t hear about hetero couples complaining that they were told to stop. I’m thinking that 9 times out of 10 it’s because nobody says anything. But with the homos, people feel it’s fine to ask them to stop.

  • Little Kiwi

    i don’t understand the comments saying “i don’t like PDA, regardless of gender”

    oh shut up. what puritanical nonsense. in a world full of anger and lies and hatred, i LOVE seeing PDA – from anyone. gay or straight. young and old. affection is lovely and you folks that get “offended” by it are truly sad.

  • Michael

    @Mav: If I was a security guard – just doing my job to protect the comfort of ALL guests.

    What an incredibly ignorant and misguided thing to say.To PROTECT THE COMFORT OF ALL GUESTS? Are you serious with that comment?Why the hell should people have to kowtow to insecure people just because they are uncomfortable and apparently born in plastic bubbles to not acknowledge that there are GAY people men and women in this world?

    Oh noezzz 2 guys kissing each other oh noezzz double noezz 2 women kissing each other.Thats bullshit also about them claiming they would be the same with a straight couple kissing.

    Hmm thats interesting considering there is a video about 2 WOMEN kissing thats on this site.

    Yet…. gee where are all the videos of 2 straight couples getting kicked out?

    Do I agree with their defiant attitude? No because it agged it on.But at the same time they had just as much right to be there and to show affection to one another as any straight couple does when they show affection to each other period.

    This wasnt just because they ignored and were defiant about it.This was solely because they were 2 people of the same sex showing affection to one another.Oh noezz the world gon end cause 2 same sex couples just kissed everybodeh run OMGZ!

  • Schlukitz

    Lawsuit. Lawsuit. Lawsuit.

    The only language that the bigots understand.

    Sock it to them and here come de judge.

  • ewe

    There is no way anyone can defend this double standard.

  • jason

    Perhaps the real issue is whether the hotel would have responded similarly if someobody complained about a man and woman kissing. It would be interesting to do an experiment thus.

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