Remember the lesbian couple approached by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant after a few other customers complained about their “excessive” kissing? Well, a similar event has occured at The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis. Only this time Teresa Folds and her girlfriend Juleigh Snell got approached by security after receiving complaints of the two kissing in the rooftop Jacuzzi.

Is this another case of a company reacting too quickly to homophobic customer complaints or a case of lesbians making out with no regard to the comfort of others?

Like the Southwest case, Snell and Folds contend that they were just kissing, not mugging down hardcore. But since we have no footage of said kissing, we can never know. We do know however that after a security guard and hotel manager asked the couple to stop kissing, they continued to do so, at which point a security guard came over, asked them to leave, and then eventually escorted them out when the pool closed at 8pm.

The hotel said that they forbid heterosexual kissing on their property as well and state:

“The Four Seasons respects the behaviors of our guests, except where doing so may… create tensions among people. This was the case on the night in question, as our staff received several complaints about the guests’ behavior. I can assure you that the gender of the couple was never at issue.”

This statement sounds almost identical to Southwest’s statement that they approached the lesbian couple because of customer complaints, not because of their gender.

But did the lesbians in both cases take a heroic stand by refusing to accede to the comfort of uptight straights or did they just wanna make out, appropriateness be damned? Perhaps we can start by answering the following question: would you feel comfortable if you saw heterosexuals repeatedly kissing in a nearby Jacuzzi or plane seat? Would you complain if it seemed like they’d never stop?

Since these things tend to happen in threes, we should expect to hear another case of kicked-out kissing lesbians soon—it’s basically a scientific law.

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