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Kristi Noem jets off to Paris with Corey Lewandowski, who she swears she’s not having an affair with

A side by side image of Corey Lewandowski and Kristi Noem

Where in the world is Kristi Noem?

Not in South Dakota, that’s for sure!

The gay-hating governor and Donald Trump‘s rumored 2024 running mate is currently in Paris, France attending a conference called “World Freedom Initiative: Stand, Speak and Act of Your Freedom”, which aims to bring together “like-minded conservative, patriotic and center right leaders from across the political spectrum together to create strong and lasting ties.”

Despite claiming to be conference for people “across the political spectrum” with an emphasis on the “center right”, pretty much all of the keynote speakers booked at the summit fall into the extreme right and deeply anti-LGBTQ+ categories.

Noem is joined by a number of other right wingnuts, including:

Cow-suing Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes…

Pro-conversion therapy Brexit bonehead Nigel Farage…

Gay-hating former Moms 4 Liberty spokesperson Quisha King…

And… Corey Lewandowski??? 🤔🤔🤔

In case you need a refresher: Rumors that Noem and Lewandowski are having an affair have been swirling for some time now, ever since the right-wing gossip site American Greatness published a story about it in September 2021, claiming the relationship was “an open secret” among GOP insiders.

At the time, Lewandowski was a top adviser to Noem, traveling with her all around the country.

In response to the story, she issued a strongly-worded tweet, saying, “These rumors are total garbage and a disgusting lie. These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help.”

The “family values” Republican went on to say that she loves her husband, Bryon, very much and that she wasn’t going to let such nonsense keep her from doing her job of running her state as deeply into the ground as possible by ignoring science, attacking trans kids, and hurting LGBTQ+ people.

After Lewandowski was accused of making unwanted advances toward a female Trump donor at a Las Vegas charity event, where Noem was also in attendance, the God-fearing governor distanced herself from him… for a little while.

She dropped him as an adviser and had her spokesperson issue a statement clarifying that he was “always a volunteer, never paid a dime (campaign or official).”

But a few months later, they were back traveling around the country together, attending conservative conferences, events, and fundraisers, but keeping a lower profile while doing so.

Then in September of this year, the affair rumors came roaring back when several more media outlets started reporting on them.

The Daily Mail claimed to have “uncovered extensive evidence of the couple’s romantic relationship” including dozens of travel records that “mixed business with pleasure, flights on donors’ private planes, and stays at luxury resorts where their intimacy was observed and noted.”

Now, at this very moment, they’re both in Paris together for the World Freedom Initiative, where Noem will be giving a speech later today.

She’s being billed as “On Trump’s Vice President Short List” and will be joined on stage by Dorin Iacob, a Romanian talk show host/politician who was arrested in 2016 for sexually harassing a woman during a massage session, and Eric Zemmour, a far-right French politician who believes homosexuality leads to the “feminization” of society.

And, of course, Lewandowski.

Just before jetting off to the city of romance, Noem fired off a transphobic tweet about “a male who identifies as a female” who accidentally hit another player with a hockey puck during a high school hockey game in Massachusetts.

“This horrible event took place at a high school in Massachusetts,” she wrote. “I hope this shocking event will motivate the @NCAA to help us ensure fairness and safety in girls’ sports.”

Newsweek investigated the story and said it could not verify that the student in the video is “a male who identifies as a female”, but that didn’t stop Noem from sharing the misinformation with her 460,000 followers.

The World Freedom Initiative: Stand, Speak and Act of Your Freedom conference is being held November 10-11. No word on when Noem plans to return from her little Parisian excursion.

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