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Lawmaker to reporter he doesn’t like: ‘Oh yeah? Well, you’re gay!’

A local Democratic lawmaker from California is under fire for hurling homophobic remarks at a reporter in an online discussion board, the New Times reports.

Adam Hill is the County 3rd District Supervisor in San Luis Obispo County along California’s central coast. He became enraged last week after reporter Keith Gurnee published a series of op-eds criticizing him in the local newspaper, The Tribune.

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Things came to a head when Gurnee published an article titled “Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill are a disingenuous duo in need of baby pacifiers.” Hill responded to the op-ed in a Facebook comment by accusing Gurnee of being gay.


“[Gurnee] has a bad crush on me and no matter how many times I tell him he’s not my type and that he should maybe try Grindr,” he taunted.

He also alleged Gurnee had sent him “Valentines” and “dozens of obsessive ‘I want you’s’” over the years, a claim he later admitted was not true.

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Gurnee, who is married to a woman, replied by calling Hill’s language “disgusting” and “delusional.”

“I do not take your comments as bashing me, they’re bashing gays and that’s a shame,” he wrote. “How can you stoop so low as an elected public official to throw such offal?”

To which Hill replied by calling Gurnee a “little minx” and suggested he “look for love in the right places.”

“I tried to let you down easy but you crave something that I won’t and can’t give you,” he quipped in true middle school fashion.

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In a letter sent to the county Board of Supervisors condemning the remarks, Gurnee accused Hill of being a homophobe.

“Calling me a homosexual in an effort to stigmatize and demean me should be viewed as a direct slam to those in the gay community,” he wrote.

He then called on him to resign.

Hill responded to the letter by saying he was “joking” then called Gurnee a “blowhard.”

“I regret that I reacted at all to any of these people,” he said. “Especially a blowhard like him.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t have nice things.

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h/t: New Times

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  • Kangol

    Mr. Hill needs to offer a serious apology, and not this “I regret” crap ASAP. His entire line of commentary about Gurneee was homophobic. If he pulls this crap again, he should resign if his colleagues don’t force him to first.

  • ryuichi

    I consider being cashed “gay” a compliment.

  • jjose712

    First, he is not attractive enough to make the “he wants me” claim to be believable.
    Second it’s really nice that the journalist reacted well, saying that the tirade was homophobic without being pressed in defend his heterosexuality which maked the polititian even look worse and make impossible to distract to the real point, that he was trying to insult the reporter claiming that he is gay (and obsessed with him).

    Instead of defending his decisions as polititian he decided to insult the reporter. Not smart at all

  • Jaxton

    Democrats can be very homophobic.

    • Kangol

      They don’t come close to your anti-gay Republicans, troll.

  • Jack Meoff

    Casual homophobia like this should not go unpunished. He needs to held accountable for hishate speech.

  • Kieran

    Yes he was trying to insult him by accusing him of being gay, but that’s a tactic a lot of gays use here at queerty regularly, i.e. reflexively accusing every homophobic villain of being a closet gay.

    • Stache

      What’s different is that this douche bag was using it just to demonize him and many times that villain is a closeted homophobe so it’s based in reality.

    • Ander

      No, not really the same thing.
      When gay people suspect that a homophobe is repressing same-sex attraction, that is not an expression of homophobia. That suspicion, in fact, has been borne out in numerous cases to the point that it has become a cliché, and is supported by clinical research into any-gay attitudes.
      This politician, on the other hand, called someone “gay!” Because it was the worst think he could think to say by default.
      Because he’s a homophobe.

  • dinard38

    How did Hill know about Grindr? I wouldn’t think that Grindr would be commonly known amongst the straights.


  • DCguy

    The one part that seems to be overlooked is that the guy accused the reporter of basically sending him multiple love notes. And that TURNED OUT TO BE A LIE!

    He is a public figure and lied about a reporter being a stalker, that in itself should cause an ethics investigation.

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