LeAnn Rimes’ Husband Dean Sheremet Officially Branded Gay

Leann Rimes with her husband go gift shopping

“I mean, there were so many situations that happened when we were teenagers. He’s gay. He’s been gay since he was probably five. … The family literally used to take bets on what age he would come out, and then all of the sudden he got married!” —A woman claiming to be the distant cousin of Dean Sheremet, the husband of singer-actress LeAnn Rimes who was just caught maybe-cheating on her supposedly straight husband with also married co-star Eddie Cibrian [HG]

Photos: Splash News

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  • jason

    Not all men are gay or straight. In fact, I’d say most men are bisexual in their orientation, if not in their practice. I personally know of ten or more men who call themselves “gay” but have been, in the past, married to women with whom they’ve had several children.

  • Jaroslaw

    Please,please, please let this be true! Leann Rimes has been on the Sean Hannity radio show so many times – he is a super conservative piece of shit (who STILL bashes Bill Clinton for stuff that happened how many years ago?) and he is always calling her a “great American”!

    I sincerely hope this is true. Still, he’s pretty cute!

  • Jaroslaw

    Jason – stop already. Many men married because they didn’t want to admit to themselves they were Gay. Some are bi, sure.

  • thisismikesother


    While a boneless celebrity post is hardly the place to get into a discussion of this gravitas, I dislike people claiming that everyone is bisexual which is essentially saying that orientation is malleable, or even worse, a choice. It’s claims like these that give people the notion that we as gays can choose our orientation and set us further back in getting the public at large to see us as who we are: gay by nature, not by choice.

  • benwa

    she probably married him cause she fell in love with her shopping buddy. He’s pretty cute and looks chipper to boot, good for her. As for the cheating, if the rumors are true than who can blame her for looking outside her marriage for something that cant be had in the marriage.

  • blake

    Yeah, a “distant cousin” named “Pebbles” says something and IT MUST BE TRUE!! Why publish this trash? Who cares? He’s not out leading the anti-gay brigade.

  • blake

    This whole thing plays on stereotypes: handsome guy; he’s a dancer. He must be gay!! Wow! This will really fulfill the fantasies of some and change the shape of the world! Who the heck is this guy other than the husband of a b-list singer? Yeah, his being gay would make all the difference to little queer kids across America.

  • Jason in WV

    Hell if we’re following the stereotypes, then he’s straight! The man can’t dress for shit.

  • Jaroslaw

    Blake – folks like Sean Hannity and the conservative agenda trash us all the time. There is always a chance we could get through to Mr. Hannity, if nothing else, it will give Sean’s opponents something to say when the Same Sex Marriage debate comes up.

  • Geoff

    I remember seeing them on CRIBS…(remote broke) and they were such a cute couple, I feel bad if they’re having issues.

  • Vanhattan

    Come on….it is very well known in Nashville that lovely LeAnn Rimes is a total fag hag…..it seems that Dean just decided to marry his hag. Good for them.

  • Nick

    I always thought he was gay. I’ve also heard they have an open marriage.

  • Rob

    He’s wearing shorts in public. That’s evidence of heterosexuality, in my book.

  • Mark in Colorado

    Heterosexual privilege is an option for him apparently–if he really is bisexual or closeted. No one here knows for a fact what his sexual orientation is.
    If he were to identify as gay, I wonder why the anti-gay bigots wouldn’t be more sophisticated with their agenda and use couples like this in their arguments to the general public as to why it’s not necessary to allow for same-sex marriage? After all, they could just marry their hags? (Excuse me I just threw up in my mouth a little bit after writing that last sentence.)

  • Get it right

    Look I really do not care if the guy is gay, bi or whatever. Who cares!!!

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Get it right: Why post?

  • Pragmatist


    You wrote: “It’s claims like these that give people the notion that we as gays can choose our orientation and set us further back in getting the public at large to see us as who we are: gay by nature, not by choice.”

    I can understand where you’re coming from, but I think you’re taking too narrow a view of the kinds of rights people (all people) should enjoy in modern society.

    Your statement mirrors early efforts to secure rights for GLBT people. Those early efforts were rooted in a sense of victimhood — the argument being that if GLBT people had no say in the matter, it’s unfair to ostracize them for their orientation.

    Nowadays, we can be a lot more ambitious than that. It doesn’t matter whether orientation is genetic or developmental, or whether it’s open to a degree of control. All that matters is that adults should have the right to do or be anything that pleases them so long as it doesn’t hurt other people. That’s the real crux of modern civil rights, as I see it.

    I know that for a person still reeling from Proposition 8, that might sound unrealistic. But I don’t think it is. Proposition 8 (and other efforts like it) only represents the last hurrah of a dying breed of religious conservatives in America. The fact is, the overwhelming majority of younger Californians are too laissez-faire to care about whether a guy wants to marry another guy (or whether he wants to marry the dude while hitting a bong). In about 15-20 years’ time, that laxity will become social consensus by force of human life expectancy. Macabre, perhaps, but true and uplifting at the same time.

    Personally, I do believe that nearly everyone has some capacity for attraction to both sexes, and that most people have great (if untapped) capacity for it. It’s not a prescription for behavior, of course — just a statement of potential.

  • anna

    Who really cares? Maybe he’s really her personal asst…. and Eddie is so much hotter :)

  • rjackjack

    Leave him alone, who cares if he is gay or not, he is cutie and they seem to get along. What more matters…..

  • getreal

    There have been so many rumors around Nashville about him spending time alone in gay bars. I think the guy came from a very conservative community and may have felt that he needed to prove he was straight by getting married happens a lot.

  • Z reveals

    He is certainly. Glad he is gay!

  • David

    I saw one of their wedding pictures in some stupid tabloid. The first thing I thought was “Ooh, he’s gay.” and then the second thing was “at least I hope so.” Lol. I think he’s very attractive.

    Anyway, I don’t know if he’s gay, but if he is then I don’t blame her for cheating on him. (If indeed she did, and it seems like she did, but who knows?)

  • jason

    Being bisexually oriented is just as innate as being heterosexually or homosexually oriented. Therefore, you shouldn’t decry bisexuality on the basis that it might give ammunition to conservatives. I always refer people to Kinsey’s spectrum: most people are bisexually oriented, a small number are exclusively homosexual and exclusively heterosexual.

  • casey

    @Rob: i’m gay as the proverbial $3 bill and i wear almost nothing but shorts in public. i wear long pants only in the dead of winter. i switched back to shorts a month ago. so what? he has hot legs and so do i.

    and my 10+ years long-term man is married to a woman. he’s been mine through 2 marriages to women and 2 children. it’s just what some men do. i wear shorts in public, he marries women in public. we’re been together through thick and thin and always will be.

    there is no ‘normal’ for anyone unless they impose it upon themselves.

  • afrolito


    Not to be nosey and judgemental, but why is your man marrying all these women? Is he just completely incapable of living as an openly gay man? Do his wives know he’s gay? If not, do you think that’s really fair to them?

    As far as the LeAnn story goes, her husband is a total FAG. The first time I saw him was when she was doing an episode of TRL, and as soon as he opened his mouth, a huge Louis Vuitton purse came flying out. Helen Keller could sense it. I’m sure she knew, but then again ahe is a little bit country.

  • Nick

    He’s not yours, Casey, if he’s marrying women.

  • Fitro

    @Nick: True that.

  • dgz

    of course he’s gay! i’ve been saying it for years.
    but, i’m sure they’re best friends, and they both serve a purpose for each other. she’s his beard and sugar mama. he keeps [kept] the paps off her back, picks out her outfits, and watches the house while she’s on tour. it’s a marriage of convenience, and i ain’t judging — she’s in country music, after all.

  • MR

    OK, if we’re going to judge him because he doesn’t dress well (and I know that was said tongue-in-cheek), then the guys I’ve slept with are going to be shocked when I come out as a straight man.

    Please don’t make me sleep with a woman! They don’t have a penis!

    I agree with Jason, and I don’t believe he’s causing damage to what any sensible person knows: Some people prefer only one gender over the other, be that their own or the other. It’s a continuum. (I like to use that word and vacuum because they have double-Us.) Some of us are totally black (not just because it’s slimming) and some of us are totally white (and not just after Labor Day), but many, many of us are one of the infinite shades of gray in the middle.

    I have never wanted to be with a woman. So I’m black. Or am I white? Whatever. It don’t matter if you’re black or white. (Shamon!) But I digress…

    I’ve had two close relatives who at various points in their lives have, um, found comfort in the arms of someone of their own gender. (For the record, one male and one female.) Each is now married. Do I have any doubt that they are happy in their respective marriages? Do I think they’re “in denial” because they’re now with someone of the opposite sex? Of course not. They’re gray.

    As for Sheremet, why do we care? Are we really doing a service to what we believe in by constantly trying to out people?

  • Bill

    In defense of LeAnn, she is one of the only country/pop artists out there who was brave enough to host an HRC gala in conservative Tennessee!

  • jwbcubed

    @Rob: you obviously do not live in the deep south where shorts worn in public are a necessity. Try to wear pants in New orleans in the middle of July, then you’ll understand.

  • steven


    actually, in nashville, it’s kind of public gossip that he is gay. i’m not saying it’s true, but word around town is that when they lived here, they were always bringing home men for him

  • DCDude

    Oy! In my experience (by no means scientific), the “bi’s” are gay men who are fixated on living married, “heterosexual” lives.

    I do agree that bisexual men EXIST. I’m pretty sure I knew one in college. And I have a bisexual friend in a Southern state. But my bisexual friends are mostly heterosexual men who have enjoyed gay sex occasionally. For the most part they have fallen in love with women.

    Otherwise, even though it is 2009, I think many men who are probably gay still get married because (a) their family will disown them and they will lose money, a house, love, etc. if they identified as gay; (b) they want to play the success game and realize they will get raises and promotions by wearing a wedding ring; (c) they dis-identify from the gay community because they aren’t “effeminate” or “lisp”.

  • Jaroslaw

    #30 Bill – I did not know that LeAnne hosted an HRC gala. Does Sean Hannity know it? Either way, I’ll take back what I said then.

  • Jay

    @blake: Blake, LeAnn is not a b-list singer by any means and you are a douchebag for saying so

  • rhydderch

    Dean Sheremet isn’t gay. How do I know? Because my gaydar has been scrambled due to massive influx of metros taking over the country. You know the type: funny, caring, like to watch Martha Stewart and drag the wifey to Sephora for his and her Bliss Ginger Body Scrub. Trust, he’s straight. :-(

    Notice how there’s no one ever alleges that Ernest Borgnine, Michael Moore, Drew Carey or that any other unattractive fatty is gay? However if he’s young and hot..”oh he’s definitely gay”

  • New Yorker

    I think Leann Rhimes husband is TOTALLY gay. We all know that once you have passed the Mason Dixon Line, there is no way to come out of the closet…but to pray your way out of it!…Sorry Dean, they know you’re gay…even in Nashville…its OK to come out now!

  • High School Buddy

    We went to high school ttogether. . . he’s definitley gay. Was obsessed with dance, to the point that he once wore his dancing pants to school. . . was very well known that he was gay, and most were shocked when he got married. But then Dean always loved money!!!!!!!!

  • thatguyfromboston

    If you’ve ever heard him speak you’d know he was gay.

  • jason

    Gay this, gay that. OMG, when are we going to stop over-using the word “gay”?

    Are we going to have a gay poo today. How about some gay wee wee’s? Oh, and I forgot my gay running shoes just in case I need to streak down the road to catch the gay train.

    OMG, it’s starting to rain again. That’s so gay. I need my gay umbrella to stop my gay sweater from getting wet. Before I hop onto that that gay train, I’ll stop at the baker’s shop and buy myself a gay cream bun and a can of gay coke.

    When I get to my gay office, I’ll sit in front of my gay computer and put in my gay hard drive.

  • Rosebud

    He needs to go ahead and come out of the closet. I do not have a problem with him being gay, but I hate how people hide their sexuality. He use to be a ballerina, as he said on Cribs, and was a backup dancer. Hell, he even chorographed LeAnn’s video “Nothin’ Better To Do” in their huge bathroom! All the signs are adding up! When he decides to come out of the closet, I’m pretty sure it will not be a big surprise to the world. He might even get his 15 minutes of fame he’s always dreamed about!

  • HellIsWaiting


    There are NO bisexual men in this world. Just gay men, who happen to have or had sex with women. Prior marriages to women and procreating do not give one the claimed title, “bisexual.” Confused, gay man, yes. Men who have sex with men and “bisexual men” need to get it through their heads. They are GAY, GAY, GAY. Deal with it.

    Womyn, however, do have a true bisexual element, that only womyn can describe and relate to. It is fucking confusing with them.

    Men. Really, really like dick or really, really like the female organ, once they get it figured out. There is no middle ground with men.

  • Jaroslaw

    HellisWaiting –

    The world is a very very very big place with zillions of people in it. I’m sure there are a FEW (please note the emphasis) a FEW bi men. But most are what you say, confused.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Rimes & Sheremet have filed for divorce very recently. Seems like that indicates something. wink wink…. or perhaps it is just a coincidence.

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