ashley broadwayThe Association of Ft. Bragg Officers’ Spouses sounds like something made up for an episode of Desperate Housewives, but it exists: In December the group rejected membership for Ashley Broadway, the wife of Army Lt. Col. Heather Mack.

But Broadway just got a big boost today: She’s been named Fort Bragg’s 2013 “Spouse of the Year” in an online poll conducted by Military Spouses magazine.

Editor Babette Maxwell says Broadway won the voting “by a country mile,” and is now eligible for Army Spouse of the Year in February and the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year in May.  “The winners are chosen based on their merits, their accomplishments and what they intend to do for the community in the year to come,” explained Maxwell. Since arriving at Ft. Bragg, Broadway has briefed new Army families on local schools and housing opportunities, and tutored soldiers’ children in reading.

“A lot of people who voted never me met or talked to me or knew me from Adam,” Broadway told NBC News. “I know it was a statement to the Obama Administration, to Secretary [of Defense Leon] Panetta, to Senator Hagel—if he is confirmed [as Secretary of Defense]— to the Pentagon and, really, to America that, yes, she is a military spouse and she needs to be recognized.”

Broadway admitted, “there are things the government can do right now to make life a hell of a lot easier than what it is currently for those who are in same-sex marriages in the military—it was a lot of people saying, ‘Enough’s enough.’ ”

Congrats to Ashley and Heather. We bet the Ft. Bragg spouses club gives dreadful parties anyway.

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