Lesbian Teen’s Case Against School For Nixing Yearbook Photo Will Continue

Yesterday, a Mississippi court denied a motion by Copiah County School District to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by Ceara Sturgis, an out lesban who was excluded from her school yearbook at Weston Attendance Center because she chose to wear a tuxedo in her senior portrait instead of the usual drape given to girls.

According to the ACLU, “the order says that the district must explain why Sturgis was required to wear a drape to be included in the yearbook.”

At the time of her original filing, Sturgis said, “I feel like I’m not important, that the school is dismissing who I am as a gay student and that they don’t even care about me. All I want is to be able to be me, and to be included in the yearbook.”

“We’re glad that Ceara will get to have her day in court,” said Joshua Block, an attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT Project. “No student should ever be excluded from important rites of passage just for being who they are.”

We don’t know exactly what Mississippi schools are like, but if they’re like every other school in America they have bigger issues to deal with than whether some graduating senior chose to wear a monkey suit in her senior photo.

It’s not she like wore a “Marriage is So Gay” T-shirt.

Images via Ceara Sturgis

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  • Jimmy

    She looks like the ‘straight’ dude from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. Anyone?

  • mike

    That’s it Jimmy, big man, pick on the high schooler over her looks.

    She has the guts to stand up and be proud — and you couldn’t just say “cheers” or “snaps” for her bravery?

  • Carl

    I’m glad she will get her day in court, clearly the school is worried about the outcome or they wouldn’t have made this desperate attempt to have the case dropped.

    Also, I am jealous of her hair, whenever I try to grow mine out it just starts to curl – very annoying.

  • milhouse

    What’s the deal with lesbians in tuxes? It’s just not a good look and never has been.

  • declanto

    @milhouse: It’s not about the look, it’s about personal choice. And if somebody wants to crossdress to signal their identity, “formal” is the clearest statement. Go, Ceara, you do rock.

  • James

    @Jimmy: Jackass.

    Rock on Ceara!

  • the crustybastard

    OHNOES! Ms Sturgis’ choice of formalwear hurt somebody’s delicate sensibilities?

    Damnatio memoriae! Erase her from history!

  • Shannon1981

    Open and shut case. Clear discrimination based upon gender presentation in the public school system, which is an arm of the government, which cannot discriminate. If she doesn’t win, there will be hell to pay.

  • Shannon1981

    @milhouse: I am going to wear a white tux at my wedding. Got a problem with that?

  • the crustybastard


    Getting married? Mazel Tov!

  • declanto

    Putting on a tux is the sh*t. There is nothing that makes a person feel more on top than knowing they look killer-super-dooper.

  • Shannon1981

    @the crustybastard: LOL I gotta find a wife to be first! But I assure you there will be no dresses. I am a boi who dates other bois. A dress? PUHHHLEAAASSEEE. Sorry, haven’t worn one in 10+ years. I was just challenging milhouse.

    Thanks though! I’ll invite you when she comes along.

  • the crustybastard


    LOL. I reckon milhouse is already “challenged.”

  • Jimmy

    Just an observation. Not sure how a lesbian being slightly androgynous and looking like a man is a negative thing? Lets not all be so sensitive.

  • alan Balehead

    Marlene Dietrich wore Tuxedos..looked very sharp!!


    Thank you for all the great support for my daughter Ceara! She is a wonderful loving human being! I am so very proud of her. She is MY hero!

  • Kaylene Cole-Daughdrill

    Actually, I can tell you that tuxes on lesbians can be VERY flattering (at least, IMHO as a drag king in SF, haha).

    Congratulations on having the guts to stand up for yourself and who you are! It’s people like Ceara who are making the world a better place for my kids when they get to high school (they’re in school in Louisiana, right next door).

  • ellie

    oh wow -_- people just get so dumb please stop having kids!! >_> i hate people who dont mind there own business shes gay and its her right :p i hate school..

  • Jack

    @ VERONICA KURTZ RODRIGUEZ – With a mother like you, you will not have to worry about her She is who she is because of you. I just feel for the children in those situations when the parents don’t stand up for them. Keep it up and kick their butts!!!

  • Crow

    I’m sure it’s tough enough being a lesbian in Mississippi, but this gender discrimination is lame. She isn’t wearing anything obscene, and looks very nice in this photo. Anyone offended by this has got to rearrange their moral issues.

  • Rachel Glover


  • Beth

    Ooh, cutie (: she’s a senior?

  • tippyt

    @the crustybastard: don’t insult challenged people like that!

  • the crustybastard


    You’re obviously a helluva mom. Well done!

  • tammyr

    I know lots of people who had formal pics taken OUTSIDE of school and were not in the ‘traditional’ drape given to the girls who had their pics taken at school. If they are allowed to wear what they want, so should Ceara!!!!

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