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  • EdWoody

    I trust Daniel Nardicio a hell of a lot more than I trust Queerty.

  • Qjersey

    “needs to work out” So not Reichen, Rodney or Mike Ruiz.

    Hung: already rules out Reichen and Rodney. Ruiz is probably packing (or we can hope).

    Hot: so not Ryan.

    That leaves Derek or Austin. I’m going with Austin. Derek is still too twinky to be “hot”

  • Tom

    Reichen is actually hung like a horse. I kid you not. Whatever that one queen said cannot be further from the truth and it’s a shame losers like him resort to that tactic.

  • Devon


    “Hung: already rules out Blahblah and Rodney.”

    Oh no you did not…


  • Lance


    Hi Reichen : )

  • Truthful

    Reichen is actually hung like a fish. I kid you not.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Truthful: Maybe he is hung like a horse: a seahorse.

  • Qjersey

    @Devon: That’s nice but would call it OMG I can’t believe I ate the whole thing hung.

  • Qjersey

    @Qjersey: arrgh “wouldn’t call it..”

  • DJ

    It’s obviously Austin. I’d love to see those pictures! lol

  • Devon


    Well yeah, but it’s certainly not unimpressive.

    Besides, this is Playgirl. Same magazine that said we’d be getting full frontal Levi only to deliver…Well…Significantly less than was promised. They kind of have a habit of exaggerating.

    By their standards “hung” could just mean “well, it’s an outie.”

  • Shannon

    THIS is why society thinks gay men are SO silly…so desperate…..and predatory! NONE of these men are “hot”….NONE….they are vapid…silly…ignorant….trashy….dumb…evil…shallow….shall I go on??? And Riechen is NOT “hung like a horse” …TRUST from people I know that has been with him…..why is it EVERY single silly fake blond with wrinkly nasty skin get one TV you are falling OUT talking about how “hot” he is???? JEEZ…..grow up..

  • rrr

    When Austin talked in the reunion show about Rodiney’s cock looking really big it was pretty damn obvious that Austin’s is not as big as Rodiney’s. If you are not impressed by what Rodiney is packing then prepare to be disappointed by Austin.

  • Craig

    @Shannon: Because white queens love themselves, that’s why. Like almost all gay media, this show is for white queens who bask in their whiteness. All they can do is celebrate themselves while excluding everyone else, and create a gay culture centered around THEIR lives and THEIR image.

  • Riker

    A List is as much about gay life as Real Housewives of Orange County is about American women or Jersey Shore is about Italians. It’s television. None of it is real. Stop getting worked up about smoke and mirrors and either turn the channel or watch it as the soap opera it is.

  • Cam

    @Shannon: said…

    THIS is why society thinks gay men are SO silly…so desperate…..and predatory! NONE of these men are “hot”….NONE….they are vapid…silly…ignorant….trashy….dumb…evil…shallow….shall I go on??? “”

    Give me a break you sad little Martyr.

    Oh yes, THAT is the reason that gays don’t have rights, because you know, straights don’t have ANYTHING like that…you know, like Playboy, the real housewives, the Jerry Springer Show…no, not them, not those serious straights.

  • Joey O'H


  • Adam Sank

    @Qjersey: How does “Hung” leave out Rodiney? From what I can see — and what everyone on the show has said — he’s packing serious heat!

  • james

    Like someone else said none of these men are hot. That Reichen used to be hot but he’s become a scene queen like the others on the show.

  • jckfmsincty

    I heard that Reichen is hung like a hamster and Rodiney is hung like a horse. I wonder who is the bottom?

  • Duhh

    @jckfmsincty: it has been stated MANY times, that they both are “bottoms” and Rodney was forced to Top all the time cuz his douchy bf refused to top EVER…

  • Labi Ajeti

    ncncnc shum seksi :)

  • Steven

    @Cam: HA HA HA! I couldn’t agree more!

    @Shannon: Learn how to type! You got yourself so worked up over the vapid gays, that you forgot everything you learned in 4th grade English.

  • Sluggo2007

    @Craig: It’s such a shame you hate yourself so much. Have you thought about seeking professional help?

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