LGBT High School Gives Queer Students A Bit Of Class

“At my regular school, I met people every day that had something negative to say about who I am. I’m getting support here. For the first time in my life, I was very excited to go to school.”

Kailee, a 15-year-old student at Q High, a high-school program geared to LGBT students in Phoenix, Arizona, in USA Today.

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  • jerry_pritikin

    Back in 1953, I quit a Chicago high school because I had “those” tendencies and it was taboo just to know someone queer, let alone be gay. There was no support groups to talk with at school,at home or find out about in the libraries. I like the idea of Gay/ Straight Alliance after school programs available at high school level. I would prefer that one would go to a school that offered that kind of support rather then a high school that was 100% gay. Let’s face it… the world is not 100% gay, and it’s better when possible to be part of a mixed environment. I had the good fortune to speak to the student members of Chicago’s Walter Payton College Prep High School on OUT Day and Pride Month. I wished programs like this was available for me,however there are too many high schools,mostly in “Red” states or rural America without them. Thankfully for those… they can seek information via the www. Today, with a President who believes in gay marriages, and done away with DADT, and seeing characters in TV sitcoms, as well as openly gay news commentators or news-makers…, it is getting better, not only for high school age kids but young adults and parents of gay children. We still have a long way to go,but every time we knock down anti-gay barriers is a step in the right direction toward equal rights for all gay citizens here in America and around the world.

  • Rockery

    Although some people are against segregation (I understand why) I think its a great idea, yes at some point they will be hit with the reality of a straight/gay school at some point but by that time, they will have built the confidence and made some solid connections

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